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Black Pearl Tattoo, Kenosha, Wisconsin. 4,562 likes | 64 talking about this | 1,273 were here. Right on the corner of Roosevelt Rd. & 22nd Ave. across. .

Mechanical Owl chest that was inspired by Clash of the Titans. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Some still shots of Samurai Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle done by artist Greg Larsen. Kawaabunga Dude. .

Started this sometime late last year and finally got to finish it up today! Stuck with a muted more earth tone palette with this one. Some color is healed from a few months back and some fresh from today, so very hard to get a good picture of it. Hope to post some fully healed pics in a few weeks? Done by artist Greg Larsen.

One shot Birdie and Flower from today. Thanks Jess for toughing it through and finishing. especially being on your shin!! Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Draw On Snake. Done by artist John Brekeller.

Had a very hard time getting good pictures of this one, so please excuse the bad glare. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Some random stuff from the past few days. .One of the 11 Kingfish tattoos that we did at the game last night, this one was done by artist John Brekeller. Crowns and the Wolf cover up were done by artist Brandon Griffin. The Foo Dog that’s a work in progress part of a sleeve project was done by artist Greg Larsen.

Wrapped up this sleeve I’ve been working on for about a year or so. Lower background work is a fresh heal from a couple weeks ago and the Kitsune on the inner bicep was colored today. More healed photos to be posted after newer portions of it have settled. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Not sure what happened with the terrible resolution in the previous video post of this? Here is a clear still shot of the outer portion. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Got this birdie from the Thrush family perched on a Peony design up for grabs to be tattooed. I will be posting a few more bird & flower designs that I am wanting to tattoo on anyone that is interested. Please email for all inquires or if you have an interest in this design or something along these lines. I’ll even sweeten the deal on the pricing, just because it’s something I would love to do!!!

Some skull jammers and Jawa by artist John Brekeller!!

Alisha. you are one tuff girl! 6 hours of color work in one sitting on this monster cover-up!! Done by artist Greg Larsen.

DONE! 40 hours star, t to finish over a 23 week period. Thank you so much Jake. it was an absolute pleasure doing this!! Done by artist Greg Larsen.

One shot birdie today. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Couple of Black & Grey pieces by artist John Brekeller!

Some Black Birds to cover a lower back butterfly tattoo. Done by artist Greg Larsen.

Roses for days. .done by artist John Brekeller.

Traditional style Snake & Dagger done by artist Greg Larsen.

Refused to honor a gift certificate that I had because it expired by a week even though I was trying to use an additiona. l gift certificate with it. The owner was very rude when I tried to speak to him about the issue. Will never go back

I just got a beautiful piece done there today. Everyone was really friendly and they went out of their way to make sure . my design was exactly what I wanted before I even got there. I will definitely be going back for more work.
John Brekeller art, Kenosha, Wisconsin. 138 likes | 1 was here.

Some inner arm action. ‪#‎skull‬ ‪#‎reaper‬ ‪#‎skulltattoo‬ ‪#‎tattoo‬ ‪#‎reapertattoo‬

All framed up and ready for a new home! PM me if interested.

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black pearl tattoo image image image

Black Pearl Tattoo is proud to announce that we are going on our 10th year in business!
We have a staff of Experienced and Award Winning Artists that do it all, from Traditional to Large Scale Custom. Was recommended this place by a friend so i made an appointment a head of time. Walked in for my appointment and even though i was the only customer in the place i stood there at the counter for like 20 minutes before anybody even asked me if i needed help with anything.
After i told the guy i was there for my appointment i waited almost an hour and a half for him to set up his work area. So, by the time i was in the chair and the tattoo was starting, it was roughly 2 and a half hours after i walked in the shop, and i was exactly on time for my appointment. However i will say, the tattoo turned out great and is the best one i have so far.
So, bottom line, really top notch work, terrible customer service. My wife and I walked in here about 4 months ago looking for a local shop to get our next few pieces (or more) done. We noticed how clean and trendy the interior appeared and were both quite impressed by the books of artwork at the store front. We stood at that counter for at least 20 minutes before anyone took a break from their conversation with a female patron about the scientific nature of random sexual encounters, to even acknowledge our presence. I got the distinct impression I was bothering the gentleman by ask(…)

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@ BongRipAcidTrip
Kenosha, WI
so this is happening. #
necktattoo #
eartattoo @ Black Pearl Tattoo

Dayvin Hallmon
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Im at Black Pearl Tattoo in Kenosha, WI

Ben Nothem
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Black Pearl Tattoo
Kristi getting ink, now I just want one!!!! (@ Black Pearl Tattoo)

Dawn Korpi
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Ryans tat @ Black Pearl Tattoo

Beau Petrea
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Black Pearl Tattoo
Stalkin (@ Black Pearl Tattoo)

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Black Pearl Tattoo
Stephers is getting her second tattoo! (@ Black Pearl Tattoo)

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