Big Bear Car Wash



(651) 429-6771

(651) 429-6370


2180 7th St,
Saint Paul, MN 55110

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At the car wash yeah! Смайлик «wink» lol the boys love it.

Discovered today my least favorite time to find a hornet

This place sucks. There today on my way home from work send they told me they don’t have enough employee to wash my car today. The guys need to come back another day. What kind of place is this? Don’t come back.

Poor guys cleaning my car after a really long winter!

They suck paid 60 bucks to get my truck detailed they didn’t do anything right

“The octopus is going to wash our van”-Connor

Just trying to get a car wash. If they don’t like their jobs, why do they keep it? Maybe sometime today they’ll be done washing it.

A clean car is a happy car

time for a wash before the deep freeze

Remember when Eric worked here in high school. .

The place for a $10 car wash! I paid $45.00 for a somewhat detailed truck on a Friday. Clean the carpets, shampoo the carpets, wash and wax, and hand wipe. Including the door jams etc. Okay, when I left I stopped a couple blocks down the street and inspected the vehicle. It was dirty as hell! and so was the shampoo carpet. Windows smeared too. Ok, I went back and complained – returned on Sunday a…nd had them re-due it. They did a better job, but areas were still dirty. I even did them a favor and advised the detailer when he applies the dressing on the tires – to be sure he wipes off the excess. Oh he said ” I have 13 years experience detailing ” “Oh fantastic I said” Guess what? when I got home, The Oily substance was all over my truck! Well, I drove back on Monday – got in line and got out of my truck and complained directly to the working manger. He’s the guy that sprays down the vehicles first. Long story short, he argued with me for 10 minutes, I refused to leave until he fixed the problem. Cars were gathering and waiting to get thier cars washed. I refused to move!! he told me he would need to call the authorities – I agreed. anyway all the vehicles waiting left 6 or 7 pulled out and left. Then I left before the cops showed up. This is a good example of a very bad example of piss poor manager. I’m wondering how the owner would view this situation and the Jack Ass that’s managing his business plan for quality service. I’m not done talking about it yet! Еще

Have not been here for years-previously Big Bear. what a sad excuse for a $30.00 car wash! So miss the quality.

This place sucks. After an hour long commute home, I stop at the carwash and they tell me I don’t have enough employees to wash my car. Told me to come back on another day. Yeah right.

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2180 7th Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.
(651) 429-6370

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Regal Big Bear Car Wash

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