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Bergstrom Hyundai of Appleton, Appleton, Wisconsin. 134 likes | 1 talking about this | 802 were here. Please join us on our official Bergstrom Automotive. .

Each year, our entire Bergstrom team rallies to support the United Way. Last year, we pledged a total of $224,000. Led by our campaign coordinators, we kicked off the 2015 campaign today. Over the next nine days, we’re determined to support our great communities and break our donation record from last year!

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We truly have a special team that comes to work each day focused on caring for each other and our guests,” said Tim M. Bergstrom, president and chief operating officer.

We’re honored to be named as one of the top 3 automotive dealer groups to work for in the country! Our team truly understands the importance of caring for each other and our guests. ‪#‎Bpride‬

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From the Bergstrom Automotive team, Happy 4th of July! Have a safe and happy holiday!

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We bought a Hyundai Sante Fe from Bergstrom in 2014. An issue developed that was outside the warranty. In the course of . trying to resolve the issue we contacted Bergstrom. They went above and beyond our expectations in taking care of the issue. Great service traveling over 300 miles, give us a car while the car was fixed, and picked the car back up from us. Than you!!

Although Travis was very nice, they forgot my oil change even after asking them three times, forgot to put my tire back . in my trunk, then they were late almost three hours delivering the tire they forgot. Not happy with the service at all.
Bergstrom Mazda of Appleton, Appleton, Wisconsin. 32 likes | 10 talking about this | 113 were here. Please join the official Bergstrom Automotive. .
Cindy Kirk did an amazing job with selling us our vehicle!! We are so happy with how they took care of us

So after having me bring the car in with a sure we can! And 105$ will get you an answer on whats wrong, I towed my rx in. , upon arrival got informed that the guy introducing himself as their master mechanic, knew nothing about the vehicle couldnt trouble shoot its star, ter or the comp. Apparently this kind of mechanics is different than the one ive been studying to fix her but. that aside after deciding not to leave her with these “Mazda professionals” I was told I could try for some kind of reimbursement for the 157.50 tow bill, made a call got a response close to they would look into their usual rates for towing and “work something out”. This was after I was told it was my problem and that though he understood wasnt willing to own up to the fact that they were ill equipped and unprepared to serve customers (or rather perhaps just me) that day. Needless to say a call back with an answer was promised, neither has been received, a week later. I have to assume you plan on doing nothing to correct this, unsurprisingly similar to the response I got that first day. “I’m sorry, it wasnt me. “, I’m not confident I can fix a star, ter in an internal combustion engine but I call myself a mechanic, and though customer confidence is important to us not important enough to return a call. a shame, but also part of the reason other local shops are more trusted than the dealer. Thank you Ben for not returning an option, thank you Kevin for trying to help (sincerely) and thank you chump who told me you could fix it and to bring it in. Huge waste of a day and a bill and a half. I’ll wait a week more for that call then off to the BBB website and up the ladder, which I should not have to do .
Thanks to all of our guests and our entire Bergstrom Automotive team, WE DID IT! We were determined to sell 3,000 cars during the month of June and we surpassed our goal! ‪#‎June3000‬

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I had an awesome experience!!! Worked with Bryan Kimpel and his sales and finance team. They worked hard to get us in a . car as we have challenged credit. I’ve worked with Bryan for years now and followed him on his new journey at Bergstom and as expected, I got top notch service!!! And we love our Hyundai Sonata!!!! Thanks again Bryan!!!

My experience with Betgstrom has never been that great, so I’m not surprised that I was let down on my recent experience. with the Body Shop, and the Body Shop Manager, Jim. My vehicle was brought in for some touch up work and a full detail, inside and out. When we arrived to pick up the vehicle there was a new scratch on the trunk that a sales person had to buff out. We left quickly, as it was late and we needed to feed our kids, and discovered that they missed multiple spots and did a really crappy job on the ones that they did “fix”. I came in the following morning and was told by Jim that people make mistakes, with a hefty dose of attitude to go with it. When I asked him for some money back, he looked at me like I was crazy and said he could “knock off $50.” While they corrected the crappy workmanship and ended up giving me $100 off, the lack of double checking their work and causing me to have to bring it back in along with the extreme lack of customer service skills solidifies in my mind that I will never be back.
Bergstrom Nissan of Appleton, Appleton, Wisconsin. 58 likes | 1 talking about this | 118 were here. Please join us on our official Bergstrom Automotive. .
Nissan Summer Radio on Pandora is coming soon. We want to know: What song is the soundtrack to your summer?

PETE HOLT, HE’S OUR MAN!!!!! Thanks so much for your patience and kindness helping us make the Frontier deal work. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BERGSTROM NISSAN

My vehicle was serviced this past week. They had it all week long. I was given a nice vehicle to use and no cost to me. . Nissan and JJ Martin were EXCELLENT in dealing with my issue on my Murano!! I am very pleased with how they handled my whole situation.

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Bergstrom Hyundai of Appleton is part of the Bergstrom Automotive dealership group. Bergstrom Hyundai of Appleton. This one will make you look twice!
This is a premium car with superior quality, complete with a plush interior, handsome looks.
Oh, and it drives like a sports car! Hyundai joins Pepsi and Coke as top Super Bowl spenders!
There’s a new man in charge.. Newsroom – Hyundai Motor America. Be one of the first to experience the all-new Hyundai Genesis and Sonata!
Enjoy appetizers from Carmella’s and live music as we pull the covers back on our two most exciting new cars! Bergstrom Hyundai Summer Launch Celebration. Third-Row SUV Challenge Champion: Hyundai Santa Fe! Meet your Bergstrom Hyundai of Appleton Team!
Always working together to provide the best guest service!
Your Bergstrom Hyundai of Appleton Team. We have purchased 3 cars through Bergstrom Victory Lane and have had impeccable service each time. Both of our previous vehicles were used and this was our first new vehicle with Bergstrom. Our sales person was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We had told him what we wanted and he pulled up with the exact car that met our criteria!
Nissan Pathfinder with the exact colors and all the extras!
His knowledge of the vehicle sealed the deal!
I was in a car accident with my previous car and since Bergstrom is one of the preferred body shops with my insurance they took my damaged(…)

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