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(414) 226-2245


1935 N Water St,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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BelAir Cantina, Milwaukee, WI. 7,441 likes | 399 talking about this | 29,121 were here. Welcome to Belair Cantina! Join us at 1935 N. Water St. just off. .

‪#‎AgaveCongress‬ members! Check out this amazing artwork with Herradura barrels!

Every Tuesday I feel like Bruce in the cake eating scene of Matilda but with tacos instead.

I’ve got 99 problems but a taco ain’t one.

And we thought we’ve seen it all. PUPPY TACOS!

Click your heels three times and say: “there’s no place like home”

The winner of July’s Little Artist of the Month is 7 year old Rylee!

It’s science! You have to listen to science!

If you hate tacos, you’ve gotta be lion.

Get ready for take off! This flight of Heradurra Añejo, Reposado and Blanco will have you flying!

That awkward moment when you were suppose to lose weight this summer but you spent the whole time eating.

Want breakfast? Of course you do. It’s Sunday morning and you’re hungover. Come here, let BelAir take care of you. Don’t worry, Mama’s here.

If you’re at brunch. and you miss out on our fresh juice mimosas. I’m so sorry!

We pronounce happy hour like (tə-ˈkē-lə, ā-). Celebrate NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY WITH US! Kahuna sales from 3-7!

Taco Thursday and patio weather! What more could you ask for, Milwaukee?!

Thank you, Night Market!! Newaukee Milwaukee

No Carlton Banks, no Uncle Phil, no Fresh Prince. False advertising if you ask me.

Have been coming here for years. One of my all time favorite spots. Just watched a bartender give awesome service to one. of the rudest, most difficult couples I have ever seen in a restaurant. Kudos to you Red beard bartender.
We pronounce happy hour like (\tə-ˈkē-lə, ā-\). Celebrate NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY WITH US! Kahuna sales from 3-7!

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Tacos, tequila, and sunshine all year around!
We’re serve Cali-Mex cuisine,. I’m really not a picky dude. I’m never one to complain and I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a restaurant in my life. The fact that this place is receiving such praise is just mind blowing to me though. A buddy of mine loves it there, so as a result, I end up there pretty frequently (again, I’m not one to complain or protest). Every time, I tell myself I must just not be getting the right thing, or that last time was just a fluke. Very average at best. I am not from WI but when I took my family to dinner here when we were on vacation we were truly impressed.
The atmosphere was warm and inviting.
Very fun, hipster decor (my style), another bonus is that it was within walking distance from Lake Michigan!
We went earlier in the dinner rush so we did not have to wait to be seated.
She was knowledgeable about the city and its many wonders.
She recommended non-traditional stuff, not museums or popular stuff that I came across in my research. She was very pleasant, honest, real, and made us feel welcomed.
She was a breath of fresh air and you don’t meet many people that will go above and beyond in their jobs anymore. To the food: The margaritas were delish, the food was really good, very hefty portions.
However, your in the mid-west so is anything authentic). The only complaint that I have is the food was stingy on the meat but(…)

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