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(920) 469-3110

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1830 Radisson St,
Green Bay, WI 54302

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Mon – Fri. 12:00 Am – 7:00 Pm
Sat. 12:00 Am – 5:00 Pm

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Our mission is to offer the best possible care and future for companion animals in our community through leadership, placement, and outreach. Bay Area Humane Society. The Animal House Pet Clinic. Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. I have adopted twice from Bay Area Humane Society. The first time I adopted my cat and then years later I adopted my dog.
They were great experiences and my pets are wonderful. I have helped a number of friends, co-workers, and family members adopt from this organization too, and all have been excellent experiences.
I volunteer at BAHS not only because I have a great love of animals but also because I strongly support this organization. A few of the comments are negative because the animal they adopted was not in perfect health. What people fail to understand is that the shelter takes in animals that were strays, surrenders, or from other overcrowded shelters.
Sometimes these animals come in to the shelter with injuries or health issues.
BAHS goes to great lengths and expense to treat them – from expensive surgeries, heartworm treatments, and medications.
There are many shelters that would simply euthanize these animals but BAHS treats them. When you adopt an animal from any shelter, you need to understand that they may not be perfect but this shelter works very hard to care for and medically treat them. Some animals have special needs and your home may not be the right place for(…)

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Beth Schmidt
@ bmctschmidt
Allouez, WI
oliviamunn Bay Area Humane Society needs your love and asistance.Green Bay!!

Beth Schmidt
@ bmctschmidt
Allouez, WI
We know Olivia loves to rescue animals, would you and she be interested in coming to our Bay Area Humane Society for a tour?

Angela Sell
@ SellAngela
Green Bay, WI
Bringing donations for Keegans Christian Formation Class (@ Bay Area Humane Society)

Coach Kristen Rietz
@ DPDT_CoachK
Green Bay, WI
Our new roommates! @ Bay Area Humane Society

@ alexalvarrr
De Pere, WI
Can someone volunteer with me at the Bay Area Humane Society & Animal Shelter Inc? Lol #

@ courtney_maye1
Green Bay, WI
Excuse me while I sob. @ Bay Area Humane Society

Adam John Wendtland
@ adamjwendtland
De Pere, WI
mlcb7 its Beagle Rottweiler mix, and I got it at the Bay Area Humane Society

@ bartels_ethan
Green Bay, WI
Wish i could go with my dad tomorrow to the Bay Area Humane Society to bring the doggies our heater that we have…poor little puppies:(

erinn labelle
@ erinnbakerr
Stevens Point, WI
The Green Bay Area humane society has so many litters of puppies right now. All so cute and rescue puppies. I wish I could take them all…

@ JwardYeeeah
Wisconsin, USA
Why oh why do I torture myself by looking at all the adorable puppies on the Bay Area Humane Society site?! Ive got my own mutt puppy

Carlos Munoz
@ ReadCarlos
Green Bay, WI
bayareahumanesociety #
greenbay I played with the cats, too. #
cats @ Bay Area Humane Society

Carlos Munoz
@ ReadCarlos
Green Bay, WI
Spent the day visiting my furry friends at Green Bay Area Humane Society. #
greenbay #
humanesociety @…

Emily Pearson
@ catsorGTFO
Bay Area Humane Society & Animal Shelter
This is way too emotional. I want all of da homeless pupperz. (@ Bay Area Humane Society)

Morgen Clarey
@ MorgenAria
Green Bay, WI
Fluffy #
catsofinstagram #
crazycatlady @ Bay Area Humane Society

Morgen Clarey
@ MorgenAria
Green Bay, WI
icon smile#
kitty @ Bay Area Humane Society

Kent Maxwell
@ kentmaxwell
Bay Area Humane Society & Animal Shelter
Pet walk 2012 (@ Bay Area Humane Society w/ 5 others)

nikki kostreva
@ nikki_kostreva
Bay Area Humane Society & Animal Shelter
Vaccination time for the pooch! (@ Bay Area Humane Society)

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