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Give a haircut to the mother plant, along with a drink and some fertilizer.

Itsy-bitsy baby begonias are doing their thing, its SPRING in the greenhouse!

Greens from the unheated greenhouse. Learn everything you need to know about doing this yourself in Elliot Coleman’s ‘Winter Harvest’ book.

Echevaria ‘Black Knight’ gets big – this is about 10″ first year, and multiplying. Looks very similar to new Echeveria ‘Zwartzkopf’. Fabulous houseplant, easy in planters.

This new introduction from Ball Seed is truly a marvel to behold. With very large spikes of deep blue flowers ‘Blue Marvel’ stays compact and blooms all summer long. You have to see it to believe it! 12′ tall, zone 4 perennial.

Contessa Pink ivy geranium with partly-double blooms that gracefully trail. A standard for ivy pelargoniums.

Golden Sage ‘Icterina’ mounded green and gold fuzzy leaves that set off whatever flowers are next to it. Versatile, use in planters and beds.

Close up of ‘Crazy Blue’ Russian sage

Russian sage – Perovskia ‘Crazy Blue’ is a densely-flowered shorter variety. Drought tolerant and long flowering.

This compact Nepeta retains the non-reseeding quality of its popular parent ‘Walker’s Low’ at one third its size. Blue-green foliage contrasts nicely with lavender-blue flowers for a long blooming window from mid-May through September.

Agastache Forever Summer Berry a Hyssop that the butterflies and pollinators adore. Me too!

Callie Coral Pink Calibrachoa highly rated in trial gardens

Bill at Minneapolis trial gardens admiring SUNpatiens Spreading Carmine Red in full sun. Gorgeous in beds or planters or baskets. Comparing the plants in trials helps us choose the best for northern gardens.

Golden variegated sage, Salvia ‘Icterina’ selected as a foliage plant for planters, fabulous texture & color

2nd photo of Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’

Great new succulent hybrid! Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’ will add mahogany rosettes that mound and spill to planters, and come inside for the winter!

Aeonium ‘Zwartzkop’ can grow large in time, but adds rosettes and becomes a magnificent plant. Darkest color from more sunshine.

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