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2094 Atwood Ave,
Madison, WI 53704

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Mon. 10:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Tue – Fri. 11:00 Am – 7:00 Pm
Sat. 9:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 3:00 Pm

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bad dog frida, Madison, WI. 2,351 likes | 308 talking about this | 92 were here. Really Cool Things for Good Dogs and Their People! (and cats too!).

Here’s a very cool and important program to learn of and support. This Saturday from 1-3:00 they will be here to answer any questions and get the word out about the good work they are doing.

They’re here, they’re here!! Come visit these lovely dogs who are all available for adoption. They are here until 3:00 and are with Golden Rule Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

Did you see the post about the bonded pair (Golden, Pomeranian mix) that will be at the store today from 1-3:00? Well, it gets better! This little pup will also be there. Mei is a 10 week old Golden mix. and I’m sure will be all cleaned up for her visit! They will all be here with Golden Rule Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

Hold on to your horses! These two will be visiting on Saturday from Golden Rule Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. 1-3:00. Here’s the scoop: Jake and Harley: a bonded pair looking for their forever home These two guys are great companion dogs! Although, a 62-pound difference between the two, they are the best of friends and need to be adopted together. Both are true to their breeds and have gentle souls to match. . In addition, both have lived with a child and a cat and are vet checked: UTD, microchipped and neutered as well! The GRRR foster mom reports they are amazing pack dogs so dog friendly too. Jake: Jake is turning 8 years old in July and is a purebred Golden Retriever. Jake’s passions in life are walks, attention (a typical golden), swimming and his friend Harley. Jake is a sensitive guy who would rather not hear thunder but handles it well. He does have sensitive skin that needs to be monitored as well. Jake knows basic commands, loves to play fetch and no crate needed when left alone: just a super good dog- a true Golden Retriever. Harley: Harley is turning 11 years old in July and is a Pomeranian/ American Eskimo Mix weighing only 13 pounds. Harley’s passion is to be your companion. He loves walks, car rides and his friend Jake. Harley is true to the Pomeranian breed- a little noisy when he gets excited but just wants to be noticed. He settles well in the house, is an easygoing dog with a social personality and a total crowd favorite. Everyone loves Harley!

Here’s the lost dog that we posted yesterday – he’s still missing. Please share, keep an eye out during your walks and when driving in the Atwood neighborhood and beyond, and send good positive energy for them.

Ivan & Benny want to be sure you know that the Zignature sale ends this Friday – you won’t want to pass this up! All formulas, no limits. 4 lb bags are $2 off, 13.5 lb bags are $4 off and 27 lb bags are $6 off!

Everyone please keep on the lookout for this dog! He took off this morning during the storm from right behind our store. Please share!

Such a thrill this is! We have an observant staff person who is traveling and saw a bdf magnet on a car in Door County! And luckily, she travels with coupons, so this person got rewarded for spreading our name far and wide. You too, can get a coupon left on your windshield if we find your car with one of our magnets on it. What? You don’t have a bdf magnet? Come in and get one for free!

Another photo for our coffee table book (that’s only a thing in our minds at this point). Our darling friends Mowgli & Irie. looking pretty disappointed. Their papa says “they even huffed and puffed for a while”.

Time’s a runnin’ out! Voting ends tomorrow at 5:00 pm! If you haven’t gotten around to voting for, say, your Favorite Pet Supply store, you best get to it! We are in the running for 1st place – so we are real motivated to let people know about this! Thanks, dear bdf fans!

Hard to believe another year has gone by and it’s time to do our “Happy Anniversary to us” and “Yay for the Amazing Daisy who is still with us” post! 9 years ago today we opened the doors to our incredible store. We didn’t know what to expect, or what we were doing, but here we are and we couldn’t be more happy. This morning Sue & I were talking about what is the first thing that comes to our mind with what we love about our store – and independently we both said “communit. y”. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that customers bring their visiting friends and family to meet us, that we’ve been able to be privy to the ups and downs of some pretty inspiring dogs, and so much more. And we could not have done this alone – we’ve been fortunate to have dedicated, smart & hard working staff. We can’t thank you all enough for letting us be a part of your lives. And then, Miss Daisy. 7 years ago today she began having neurological problems. She was expected to live 6 months. It’s been quite a ride, and while she’s not strong in body her spirit is strong (think gargantuan strong) and she amazes us all every day.

This is sure to be a fun, productive and successful event – Jorge is so good! He suggests, recommends and advises in such a positive and engaging way. He has a gift! And he is so generous with his time.

Ivan (Chihuahua) and Benny (face in bag) have an announcement! Well, Benny’s announcement was a little muffled since he’s otherwise occupied, but Ivan, loud and clear says: Sale on Zignature dog foods until July 31st!! All formulas, no limits. 4 lb bags are $2 off, 13.5 lb bags are $4 off and 27 lb bags are $6 off!

We made the cut! Thanks for all that voted for us in the first round – now we are in the running for 1st place as your favorite Madison Pet Store. Voting ends at 5:00 on July 24th. If you know us and love us and think we deserve it – we’d so appreciate your vote. xoxoxoxoxo!

Newly adopted little Lucy came in today for a few necessities. and a nap.

More info on Stella & Chewy’s – they are issuing a voluntary recall on some of their products (info on the attachment). We’ve checked all of our products and we don’t have any of these lots/dates. We are going to contact all of our customers who’ve purchased these products in the last month. Please let us know if you have questions.

Best ladies in town for holistic advice and great products.
bad dog frida, Madison, WI. 2,352 likes | 308 talking about this | 93 were here. Really Cool Things for Good Dogs and Their People! (and cats too!).

Guess what?!!? This Saturday we are having a SIDEWALK SALE! We were recently at a product show and got lots of new stuff. And, well, we need room to put the new stuff. So we are clearing out a lot of old stuff. And we hope you will want to buy this stuff at a great price! Saturday from 10-5!

Here’s a very cool and important program to learn of and support. This Saturday from 1-3:00 they will be here to answer any questions and get the word out about the good work they are doing.

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bad dog frida image image image

Really cool things for good dogs and their people. Every interaction with bad dog frida has left me smiling.
Today I just walked by their store on my way home from a meeting and their sandwich board quiz drew me in. After huge smiles, delightful conversation, I left with some great knowledge for which I was not even searching.
Love this shop and the people who run it are wonderful!
The best pet store in town!
The comfortable atmosphere and adherence to quality pet products makes this my favorite place to purchase all my dog care needs.
For a few dollars more I support a local business and get a much more personal experience. If you appreciate a friendly chat and true caring for your pet, I recommend giving Bad Dog Frida a visit. Amazingly helpful and caring!
Our kitty buddy had a bad reaction to antibiotics and stopped eating on Christmas morning (and for a renal patient, not eating is pretty major). It was suggested to me that I contact Carmen and Sue to get some advice on a holistic approach to getting him feeling better.
They were so amazing, and had so many suggestions on how to get him eating again. A couple days of the tummy drops and he started to feel better, and now he’s back to his normal self. Definitely don’t overlook this store for your pet’s needs.
I LOVE this shop. Sue, Carmen and the whole staff are so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. If you have a dog (or cat) you have to ch(…)

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Underdog Pet Rescue
@ UnderdogPets
Throughout the month of August, a percentage of every purchase of Fromms pet food made at Bad Dog Frida will be…

Laura Beck Nielsen
@ LBN4PeaceOmind
Wisconsin, USA
The good stuff for the pups! (@ Bad Dog Frida in Madison, WI)

Lori Wilson
@ lorihwilson
Madison, WI
Coats (@ Bad Dog Frida)

@ tedder42
Madison, WI
Im at Bad Dog Frida (Madison, WI)

@ dainec
Madison, WI
Picked up some food samples for the pups, and showed their photos to the nice lady there. (at Bad Dog Frida) —

Thomas E. Kuenzli
@ the_Dyp
Bad Dog Frida
I just ousted Elizabeth as the mayor of Bad Dog Frida on @

Jon Paul Buchmeyer
@ jpbuchmeyer
Bad Dog Frida
How could I not come here? (@ Bad Dog Frida)

Jenny Pavlovic
@ 8StateKate
Afton, MN
Meet the author! 1st Not w/o My Dog Book signing, Saturday July 3rd, 4-8 pm, Marriott Madison (WI) West Hotel, Bad Dog Frida booth #
in #

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