Axel’s Inn


(414) 962-2122


2859 N Oakland Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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@ corneh
Milwaukee, WI
Watching #
badgers w/ @
razzysparty (@ Axels Inn in Milwaukee, WI)

@ corneh
Milwaukee, WI
Im at Axels Inn in Milwaukee, WI

Mike Keyes
@ GoldenEraLive
Milwaukee, WI
Wilco will love you baby! #
Wilco20th @ Axels Inn

Angie Becker
@ Angela_Becker
Milwaukee, WI
So my hair is doing this strange curly thing today. @ Axels Inn

Breanna Meyer
@ breazy72
Milwaukee, WI
$10 for all the alcohol I can drink #
deal (@ Axels Inn)

Jamie Ann Carmody
@ jamieann532
Milwaukee, WI
Let us be real… (@ Axels Inn)

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