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(218) 310-0946


404 W Superior St,
Duluth, MN 55802

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Avalon Educational Institute provides the best education and services in Martial Arts, Dance, and Welllness. Our classes include Muay Thai, Pole Dance, Capoeira, Belly Dance, Poi, Yoga, and more. Massage therapy is available for students and non-students. Make an appointment now!



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Mon – Thu. 5:00 Pm – 9:30 Pm
Fri. 6:30 Pm – 8:30 Pm

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Avalon Educational Institute is the premiere physical arts training facility in Northern Minnesota. We offer the highest quality education and services in Martial Arts, Dance, and Wellness.
Avalon is a leader in arts education. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words this week!
We really appreciate it! I have just started taking the Capoeira classes at Avalon Educational Institute and it is easily one of the best athletic classes I have ever taken. With as great of a facility as they have coupled with the amazing instructors, Avalon Educational Institute is definitely the best place in the area for anyone who is looking to improve themselves in any physical discipline. The classes are a great workout and all skill levels feel welcome, but most importantly, they’re fun.. Classes include Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Yoga, Weapons, Belly Dance, Jeet Kun Do, Pole Dancing, Ballet, and more!
Our Massage Therapy and Private Lesson services are second to none, and provide our students with the most well-rounded education possible. From Muy tai martial arts, dance, and both visual and performing arts, Avalon offers a variety of classes for all ages.
If the economy has a hold on your pocket book, Avalon allows students to donate in time and/or cash. The quality staff and instructors want no one to be prohibited from joining.
What a wonderful way to experience a healthy form of self expression right d(…)

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