Aurora Vna Zilber Family Hospice


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1155 N Honey Creek Pkwy
Milwaukee, WI 53213

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Heather Haugen
I would like to thank all the nurse staff for doing an excellent job taking care of my mom during her last weeks here with us! I am very glad we were able to get into your facility, it was absolutely perfect! I am so thankful that each nurse we came in contact with took the time to listen to me and always showed compassion and walked me though this scary process! Please know that you made these last weeks much easier for me and my family ….. Thank you, I will forever hold these memories close to my heart!
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Aurora VNA Zilber Family Hospice.
Wonderful place, took amazing care of my grandpa. would recommend this place to anyone! they were so kind to my family and really made the extra effort to make our family feel comfortable every step of the way.

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    Robin H.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    My father passed away at Zilber Family Hospice this past summer. I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. It was peaceful for him and the entire family; private patio and plenty of room for our entire family (17 people) to gather as long as he wanted. So beautifully decorated, it felt like he was in his own bedroom. It was a beautiful experience for all of us.

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    B M.

    Tucson, AZ

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    My relative was here and passed away in January. В I absolutely could not believe how wonderful this place was, from the facility itself, its location in the parkway, the beautiful setting outside the windows, the wonderful inside, including a fish tank and library, to the outstanding staff and delicious, affordable food at the restaurant (with a TV). В I just can’t imagine a hospice being better! В The staff was unbelievably compassionate and after the passing of the loved one, a volunteer came in who was extremely sensitive to our needs. В This place totally deserves FIVE stars!

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    Martha M.

    Converse, TX

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    What can I say, The Zilber Family Hospice is the best place to be if you ever need their type of services. My brother Raoul Vasquez was a patient there. My brothers and I drove from Texas to be by his side. From the moment that we arrived, which was 4am, we were treated with the utmost care and respect. They provided coffee and told us that we could stay there at the location and provided us with blankets and pillows. My brother was treated with such care and integrity.

    Everyone we came in contact with were always asking us, if we needed anything to please let them know. I only wish we could have met these people under different circumstances, but I believe that they made my brother as comfortable as they possibly could.

    I would like to thank the staff that took care of my brother and that also provided for us while we were there. These people went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed and comfortable.

    And even though ALL THE STAFF, were outstanding, I would just like to point out Pam Tomaschek (don’t think I spelled that right), she was so friendly with us and Patricia, she worked at night. Patricia was wonderful towards us. Our last night there she gave us hugs and held us with such compassion, that let us know that she really cared.

    Also to the Chaplain there. I can’t remember her name, but thank you to here for praying for my brother and to the father/pries who gave him his last rites. He was very polite and respectful and we all Loved the prayer that he recited.

    Thank you again, to ALL OF YOU. May God Bless each and everyone of you and please continue to do what you do.

  4. sally b reviewer

    Sally B.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    My daughter spent the final week of her life at Aurora Zilber with the most caring and compassionate people I have ever encountered. В She received loving care, and so did I. В The support after she passed was exceptional, just as the care prior to her passing was. В Even now, nearly 6 years later, when I visit the Hospice I am warmly greeted by many staff members. В I cannot imagine that there is a place anywhere that equals what patients and families receive at Zilber Hospice.

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