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9200 W Loomis Rd,
Franklin, WI 53132

Franklin Medical Ctr

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Internal Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology,


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Mon – Fri. 9:00 Am – 5:00 Pm

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Lukes Health Care Center.
Walked in already knowing that I had Strep. Just needed a prescription for it. Gave me a prescription. I timed my total visit. From walking in the door to walking out. My total time in the building was 13 minutes.
My total time in a patient room was 4 minutes, my total time being seen by a doctor was literally less then 1 minute. Asked to pay for my visit before I left, they said they cant do that. Ok, So a month later, I got my bill. First though, HOLY SHIT!
Thats expensive for 13 minutes.
Paid it, what else am I going to do. Ok, what a rip off. This one was some sort of Prescription Service? The billing lady could not be more specific. Total time was 13 minutes.
I had already diagnosed myself. I should have been a doctor.
I’d be rich scamming people like that. That was last year.
A few weeks ago, the kid had a cold.
We were up north. Went to the St. Claire Hospital’s Urgent Care. That included being seen by the doctor, strep tests, both the quick and the one that takes a day or two, AND the medication!
See a problem here? Do NOT go here!

9200 W Loomis Rd Franklin, WI 53132.
(414) 529-9200

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Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Aurora Saint Luke’s Opthamology Surgery Center, Dankle, Steven K, MD – St Luke’s Franklin Health Care, St Luke’s Franklin Health Care Center, Saint Luke’s Franklin Health Care Center, Aurora St Luke’s Health Center Urgent Care, Aurora Saint Luke’s Health Center

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