Aurora Psychiatric Hospital


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1220 Dewey Ave Ofc
Milwaukee, WI 53213

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Aurora Psychiatric Hospital.
I would recommend this facility and their services to anyone who really cares about quality of treatment. The staff here is top notch!

  1. audrey s reviewer

    Audrey S.

    Waukesha, WI

    Rate 4.0 of 5.0 stars

    The staff is fabulous, compassionate and helpful. Of the two doctors I dealt with one was a Freudian jerk and the other was great. The food is better than average and the groups are informative and fun. My only issue was their heating system. When I was first lead to my room it was at least 85 degrees in there. I asked repeatedly to have the thermostat turned down because I literally could not sleep. At one point I was just told – Shrug “It’s an old building”. Sleep is important if you are Bipolar and I ended up manic because I went 6 days with no sleep before the maintenance man climbed into the ceiling and turned off the heat to my room……. Other rooms were so cold the patients were begging for more heat. They really really need to fix that.

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