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Cyberknife|Joint Replacement|Clinical Laboratory Services|Pharmacy Services|Post-Op Recovery Room Services|Diagnostic Radiology Services|Social Services|Speech Pathology Services|Vascular Surgery|Spine Surgery|Bariatric Surgery|EGD Procedure|Angioplasty|Inpatient Surgery Services|Arthroscopy|Anatomical Laboratory Services|Robotic Surgery|Infusion Therapy|Ultrasound|Hemodialysis (Dialysis)|Anesthesia Services|Blood Bank|Operating Rooms|Gastroenterology|Dietary Services|Intensive Care/General|Nuclear Medicine|Obstetrical Services|Occupational Therapy Services|Oncology Services|Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs|Outpatient Services-InHouse|Outpatient Surgery|Physical Therapy|Psychiatric Services/Adult|Radiation Therapy|Rehabilitation Services/Non-CARF|Emergency Services|Urology|Orthopedic Surgery

Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington is a fully accredited health care facility that offers a range of extensive diagnostic and surgical services. It maintains a staff of more than 500 employees and over 100 physicians. The hospital provides urology, rehabilitative, diagnostic imaging and intensive care services. Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington provides sexual assault treatment and stereotactic breast biopsy services. It also offers cardiology and cardiac catheterization services. The hospital operates an outpatient cancer clinic and wellness, community health education and women’s care centers. The American Board of Internal Medicine certifies its doctors. Aurora Health Care, which is a nonprofit, operates the hospital.


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My darling husband working in my room the last two days. Luckily there was another bed and table in here for him to set up his ‘office’. Hoping to go home today!

Last NST before baby boy arrives!!!

Fixed up another bad Migraine for my boy.

Another NST for wife and baby boy.

Meeting with a GI specialist to see what’s up with my guts!!!

Here it goes. . 3 hours of just sitting and giving these vamps my blood.

At the ER, must have done somthing to my back, hurts like hell . I hope it just a pulled muscle.

I met all of my physical therapy goals this morning so they let me go home a day early… the nurses and staff at The Burlington Hospital were fantastic… Especially Kevin and Jessica . the aides I had at night… and my first night was a rough one.Everyone went out of their way to make my stay as comfortable as possible. I’m currently at home… I really am living the dream.

I will NEVER go there again. Should be shut down!

If I could give this hospital a negative star, I would! Worst care I’ve ever seen in my life! I’ve worked in healthcare for 8 years and thought I’d seen it all. If you want to die. This would be the place to go! If you want to live Id trust Doc McStuffins over this place! What a joke! It should be closed down and the staff that took care of my step father should all have their license taken away. I had to call the unit to address the fact that my step father hadn’t gotten his medication for over 24 hours. A kidney transplant patient with stage 4 cancer. I hope karma gets them. Stay away from this hospital unless your intending on dying.

This hospital saved my life 2 years ago when I had a drug overdose. I come here monthly to see my doctors and PCP. Overall this hospital is one of the best local hospitals I’ve been too. Every hospital has its hiccups.

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aurora memorial hospital of burlington image image image

For more than 85 years, the staff at Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington has remained committed to providing high-quality health care in a patient-focused environment. Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington. Put into a level 4 E.R. I wasn’t in life threatening danger.
Get home to find small fragments of glass in my hand.
That’s the quality care I look for in a emergency room visit. Just received my bill from taking my son here to the clinic for a cough. Just plain overpriced I will never go to Aurora for anything else. Having been to the Area Freodert and Wheaton hospitals, Aurora is one of the worst hospital chains in the state, and I’ve been to quite a few. However, the worst is the one in Burlington. Experience: My father in law found a fingernail in his stack of pancakes at breakfast when he was admitted overnight
2nd Experience: ER Doctor Misdiagnosed my wife, nearly leading to her death. Experience: I witnessed doctors.
DOCTORS using wikipedia while at the ER. The people of Burlington have no choice but to go to Aurora for everything unless they want to drive an hour away to a better hospital, which we now do. Aurora is where C average doctors go when they graduate and it shows in their work comparatively to better hospitals.
If you value your health and your life, spend the extra couple of bucks on gas and go to any other hospital that is NOT under the Aurora name. Great, quick, caring service. Exp(…)

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Mike J
@ hwkfn83
Burlington, WI
Im at Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington – @
aurora_health (Burlington, WI)

Pila Johnson
@ pilajohnson
Burlington, WI
Class tonight. (@ Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington – @

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