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4070 Equestrian Ln,
Green Bay, WI 54229

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Mon – Fri. 9:00 Am – 5:00 Pm

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Dr. Warpinski is the greatest. Best family doc in Green Bay. I just need to come visit once in a while when I am not in need of his services.

Blood work time. .and some other lil tests

Step one of a series of doctors.test

Let’s see what this day brings

Connor and I just finished at his doctor’s appointment. It is really great news! The doctor said it looks fully healed! It is just not quite fully mature yet. You can still see the line where it broke, but there’s a ton of new bone that has built around it. The doctor said that he looks like someone who is 5 months past his injury not 3 months because of how well he has healed and how much he has progressed. When Connor told him that he was already competitively swimming, the doctor was amazed. He even asked Connor if he would be willing to give a testimonial as to his story and how well he has done. I remain ever proud of Connor and all that he has accomplished in the last 3 months. Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers and support. Love you Connor!

My #1 is only in the 10th percentile for height . Lol. She’s a shrimp boat!!

Gonna find out if I go back to work shortly!!!!!! It better be a yes I am going crazy and I miss my peeps

A little diaphragmitis and another round of having atelectasis. equals full bed rest till next Tuesday.

Hopefully all is well I wanna play outside today

Yepppppers one of these type of days.

Madelyn Fatla and me are at the doctors today!

Madelyn Fatla and me are at the doctors today!.

Also Known As

Aurora Health Center-Bay Settlement, Aurora Health Center

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