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2615 N Downer Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Mon. 7:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Tue. 7:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Wed. 7:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Thu. 7:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Fri. 7:00 Am – 6:30 Pm
Sat. 7:00 Am – 12:30 Pm
Sun. Closed

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Athletico Physical Therapy – Milwaukee Eastside – Specializing in Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Work Rehabilitation, and Orthotic Fabrication. Located South of Sendiks Food Market and across from Café Hollander.
Too expensive, not convinced they’re experts. They charged me $1500 for 5 sessions over three weeks and did their best to get me in there more. Unfortunately, I had a herniated disc, which they failed to diagnose, and all of that pain, effort, and money was completely wasted.

  1. trevor b reviewer

    Trevor B.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 4.0 of 5.0 stars

    Athletico really helped me out both short and long term. I had rolled my ankle skateboarding and was looking around for an elastic resistance band to work on stretching it out. В After a fair amount of searching (online and by phone calls) it became apparent that this is not an easy item to replace in Milwaukee. I remembered walking past Athletico on my way to school and wondered if, just based on their name, they might know what I needed.

    Did they ever! The receptionists themselves immediately knew what I was talking about and would have sold me this item on the spot but instead suggested I take advantage of their free consultations with Luis, one of their physical therapists. After an appointment the next day I had my equipment, an assessment of the damage/problems (Luis really took into consideration my history of ankle injuries/viewpoint about this.), and a clear set of instructions for working the ankle/leg/hip back to 100%.

    Thanks Luis and thanks Athletico. I’m skating good as ever but next time I need to rebound from an injury fast, in a way that will last, I’m headed straight over to you.

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