Asia Buffet


(608) 299-0086


2787 Milwaukee Rd Ste E,
Beloit, WI 53511

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Mon – Sun. 11:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

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Rigo Echeverria and me enjoying some yummy food

With mom Nana Weber and sister

One of my All Time Favorite Restaurants!!! Highly Recommended!

Eat here @ least once a week – convenient – inexpensive – tastie!

Food was cold and mushy. Waitress ignored me when I told her and laughed at wife when she said she didnt want anymore food. Terrible experience.

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Milwaukee Rd # E. Milwaukee Road # E. DO NOT EAT HERE!
They have food under cooked especially chicken. More specifically, the chicken with peanut sauce had a lot of pink in it. I asked the waitress to observe the food on my plate and she instantly took it before I could take a picture. The waitress told her manager and she wanted me to pay for the full amount of the lunch even though I did not eat. I argued that it is not and she said that their food is good and to go and eat. I said, that the pink in the chicken and you arguing with me that it is good is not helpful. The Asia Buffet restaurant uses their lack of English as an excuse to not do anything about their food and not take complaints seriously. This ignorant attitude is a risk to people dining at this restaurant and should be examined more closely, especially since they use a lot of sauces to cover their meat and who knows if it is being cooked well enough to serve. I will never go back again. It wasn’t too bad.
I was expecting it to be dirtier by the other review its not bad there are a lot dirtier places to eat in this town, I did have a very violent bowel movement after eating but I would do it again. My mother and my 16 month old twins came into eat. Almost immediately a women came over to carpet sweep under my children, which seemed a little rude but nothing compared to her PICKING FOOD OFF MY CHILDRENS PLATES. I told her(…)

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kaylee kardashian
@ kaylee_splan
Beloit, WI
in need of Asia buffet

@ Jdruding96
Beloit, WI
Going to to Asia buffet by my self

@ EKirichkow
South Beloit, IL
Mmmm Asia Buffet

Jenny LaVada
@ Jenny_that_girl
Beloit, WI
Supper with the fam…and we didnt argue about coming here! (@ Asia Buffet)

@ Jdruding96
Beloit, WI
I really want to go to Asia buffet

@ EKirichkow
South Beloit, IL
Im such a girlfriend
icon smilebrought Brenden Asia Buffet by surprise after work

Jessica Beyer
@ JessicaPBeyer
Beloit, WI
Asia Buffet with the love @

@ MigoDodi262
Racine, WI
Ur a hoes if u eat at main moon or Asia buffet

Jenny LaVada
@ Jenny_that_girl
Beloit, WI
Going to dinner with Haases! YES!!! (@ Asia Buffet)

Susan F. Smith
@ SuSiempre
Beloit, WI
Asia Buffet Photo Op. Say Dragon! #

Haleigh Thomas
@ thomashaleigh
Beloit, WI
About to ball out at Asia Buffet

Aaron Northup
@ MidSITe
Beloit, WI
Eating (@ Asia Buffet) [pic]:

Shawn Goebel
@ kensethfan53545
Beloit, WI
Im at Asia Buffet (Beloit, Wisconsin)

@ Z_E_P_90
Beloit, WI
Not the best but will do (@ Asia Buffet)

@ natashakay
Beloit, WI
KrisWood13 Asia buffet and movies soon ,)

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