(608) 269-3525


11293 County Highway Q A,
Sparta, WI 54656

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11293 County Highway A, Sparta, WI 54656.
(608) 269-3525

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Steven Rick
@ StevenMRick
A4. As AP, hope to write more individualized notes to Ts and Ss as a way to acknowledge risk taking and creativity. #
growthmindset #

@ DigiRanma
Woodstock, IL
And this big bright light— Exposition, exposition! Rush it out AS-AP! #

Dan Spock
@ danspock
1M minutes of digitised film footage from AP & British Movietone released on YouTube. Archive dates back to 1895.

3spen S. ❦ ✨
@ fromDustOfStars
Watch the best historical clips on YouTube as AP and British Movie upload 1 million minutes of digitised film…

@ DigiRanma
Woodstock, IL
Yes, there are seven balls in all. Exposition, exposition! Rush it out AS-AP! #

@ naidagn
A4: I am going to celebrate myself this year as AP (I normally hide behind the scenes). Also celebrate my personal life more #

Matt Barbato
@ RealMattBarbato
natemolstad There it is. Money up front. Good deal for both sides as AP hits his 30s and he wants short-term security.

Matt McCoy
@ MattMcCoyWTVN
The Indians avoid an 0-7 home stand by scoring 12 runs vs. KC today…Thats 2 more than they scored in the 6 previous games combined.

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
Asdrubal Cabrera giving a game to Tigers. Its something hes done before.

Esquire Magazine
@ esquire
Jimmy Kimmel: Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
Rusty Miller retweeted Esquire Magazine

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
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Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
Just saw a hard-to-imagine stat: By the All-Star break in 1983, Steve Sax had made 24 errors.

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
Man accused in lion death says he thought hunt was legal (from @

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
Criminal masterminds / Man says he petted zoo cougars after calling Here, kitty (from @

49ers place Carlos Hyde on active/non-football injury list:
@ AP_Images
TodayInHistory: 50 years ago today, the #
Beatles film, Help!, had its premiere in #

AP Sports
@ AP_Sports
With season sinking, Indians trade Murphy to Angels

Michael Beschloss
@ BeschlossDC
NASA was established today 1958—here the seven Mercury astronauts: #

The Associated Press
@ AP
Zimbabweans who allegedly helped American tourist hunt protected lion appear in court: #

Fake Bo Pelini
@ FauxPelini
BarackObama FYI Tom Brady doesnt recycle his cell phones

@ sportspickle
A-Rod Says He Wants to Play Until He’s 45 or Baseball Begins Testing for Rare Steroid He’s Using –…

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
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Beamer Ball
@ Beamer_Ball
Our opener vs OSU is the most anticipated game in Lane Stadium history. -Frank Beamer on @
espnradio w/ @

Rusty Miller
@ RustyMillerXAP
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AP Top 25
@ AP_Top25
Illinois point guard Tracy Abrams tears Achilles, out for 2nd straight season #

Detroit News Sports
@ detnews_sports
College Football Playoff group tours Detroit for possible 2019 game

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