Art’s Performing Center


(414) 271-8288


144 E Juneau Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Open Hours

Tue – Sat. 7:00 Pm – 12:00 Am, 12:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

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Arts Performing Center, Milwaukee, WI. 2,773 likes | 9 talking about this | 3,144 were here. Always a $5.00 Cover Charge per person.

APC sponsored this 2 annual event

This DJ booth is going to be relocated by November 2014

This Place is coming alive again . Upgrades are happening and the girls are looking great. Just had Feature Performer Taryn Wylde from California come here and she woke up the dead !

My grandpa contracted a severe case of syphilis from a champagne room! The advertised $15 blow jobs were a sham, the girls were ugly as sin and some had mustaches.
Little Slutty Dresses. 56 likes | 13 were here. Face down. Ass up.

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(414) 271-8288

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Michael Baldwin
@ 4thngol
McFarland, WI
phildawsonradio those are NOT the girls from Arts Performing Center

Curt Collins
@ TheCurtCollins
Milwaukee, WI
Im seeing the nut cracker (@ Arts Performing Center)

Josh Grycko
@ somethingknurdy
Drinking a Miller Genuine Draft by @
MillerCoors @ Arts Performing Center —

@ beccaahlf
Arts Performing Center
Taking over for @
tweetlessb! (@ Arts Performing Center)

Katie Brownson
@ kittybrownson
Arts Performing Center
Im at Arts Performing Center (Milwaukee, WI)

Danny Hahn 
@ Dannnicus
Arts Performing Center
Wish this was a joke.. (@ Arts Performing Center)

Ender Wiggins
@ GoBeGreat
Arts Performing Center

icon smile(@ Arts Performing Center)

Alejandro Vazquez Jr
@ lexluthermke
Arts Performing Center
We gotta hustle for them titties Lex! Christmas tittays!!! – Ruben (@ Arts Performing Center)

Also Known As

Art’s Performing Ctr, Art’s Performing Center Tavrn

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