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Expert Advice – We firmly believe that well-informed aquarists make the best customers. If you have a question as a beginner or an expert, just ask. We’ll try to answer from our years of experience – or help you look it up. The only ‘dumb’ question is the one not asked. Water Testing – We’ll test your aquarium water for the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, hardness and specific gravity at no charge. We also test copper and phosphate for a small service charge. Just bring in a cup or so of aquarium water (water only, no fish) in a clean glass jar or a new plastic bag. Trade-Ins – We accept trade-ins on healthy fish and major aquarium components (tanks, tops, lights and stands). Items must be in good condition (no missing parts) and reasonably clean. On common tanks, tops, lights and stands, we pay up to 10% of the new value in credit for other merchandise. We also accept most types of fish in trade for other merchandise at up to 1/4 the retail price. Bread & butter fish may be brought in small quantities at any time. For large, expensive or saltwater species, please call ahead. Seasonal pricing may apply on some items, including pond fish, and we may pay little or nothing on fish (for example small convict cichlids and some large cichlids) where the supply currently greatly outweighs the demand or the tank space or care required outweighs the value of the fish. Please call ahead with any questions.

Located in a western suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Aquatics Unlimited has an outstanding selection of tropical and pond fish, marine fish and invertebrates, aquarium and pond plants, and all the supplies needed to enjoy our hobby. Come visit us at 3550 S. 108th Street in Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228-1257. We are open from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday and 10 A. M. to 6 P.M. on Sundays. We can also be reached by phone at [414] 543-2552 or fax at [414] 543-4929.


*Over 12,000 square feet of tropical fish and aquariums
*Over 350 display tanks
*Over 12,000 gallons of freshwater
*Over 3,000 gallons of saltwater
*Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Serving the Greater Milwaukee Area since 1969!

It was in August of 1969 that Aquatics Unlimited first opened its doors on the corner of 95th Street and Greenfield Avenue in West Allis. Most of our dry goods fit on a single 8-foot shelf, our “cash register” was a cigar box, a nd all-glass aquariums were but a glimmer in somebody’s eye. On busy weekends, we doubled our staff to two. The past few decades have seen four different locations, a lot of water changes, and plenty of new faces, but our aim is still the same – to provide “The Best in Tropical Fish” and aquarium equipment. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to so many faithful customers who have helped us towards that goal.


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Open Hours

Mon – Sat. 10:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Sun. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

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Aquatics Unlimited, Greenfield, Wisconsin. 1,503 likes | 70 talking about this | 365 were here. Located in a western suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,. .

New Saltwater Arrivals: Bicolor angel Coral beauty angel Eibli angel. Juvenile imperator angel Lawnmower blenny Pearlscale butterfly Yellow longnose butterfly Tank raised orange skunk clownfish Blue head pink damsel Green chromis Yellowtail blue damsel Green wolf eel Aiptasia eating filefish Red goatfish Diamond goby Green war paint clown goby Panda goby Randall’s goby Tiger (wardi) goby Marine betta Geometric pygmy hawk Orchid dottyback Scribbled rabbitfish Chocolate (yellow) mimic tang Powder brown tang Humu humu trigger Rectangulus trigger Blue sided fairy wrasse Chrismas wrasse Female leopard wrasse Sixline wrasse Ruby red dragonette Mini-maxi carpet anemone Colored torch coral Sea hare Orange zoanthid rock Assorted coral frags Cleaner shrimp Candy stripe pistol shrimp

This Tesselatta eel, around 15″, was brought in yesterday and is looking for his forever home.

We have some very nice, green bubble tip anemones in stock. One large and multiple medium sized.

Hey pond peeps! Summer is not over yet! So come on in and pick out some blooming water lilies.

We have a whole fleet of 2″ Electric Blue Acara.

Great batch of Frontosa just came in. They are about 6″ in length.

Freshwater New Arrivals: millenium rainbow kamaka rainbow electric blue acara. neon tetra serpae tetra buenos aires tetra marigold swordtail pineapple swordtail red velvet swordtail albino glowlight tetra kerri emperor tetra gold barb blue gourami gold gourami opaline gourami rusty sprengerae scissortail rasbora mixed young platy mixed fancy guppy feeder guppy ghost shrimp

Two small volitan lionfish from our latest shipment.

Latest Freshwater Arrivals: male betta male crowntail betta male shorttail betta. male double halfmoon betta male longfin dragonscale betta bluespot guppy lemon swordtail marigold swordtail african clawed frog blo green tiger barb butterfly goby algae eating shrimp emerald dwarf rasbora mustard spot plecostomus LDA31 blue phantom plecostomus L128 royal plecostomus hemiodus tetra small neon tetra lochata botia striata botia sumo loach kuhlii loach black kuhlii loach clown knife fire eel figure 8 puffer spotted puffer feeder guppy

Our buddy the big Tessellata eel taking a stroll.

Black Moscow Guppies. Males and females available.

Dogface puffer, flame angel, and raccoon butterfly from the shipment this morning.

We have some very nice, large nassarius snails in stock. Great sand sifters.

We’ve had this antenna goby for a few weeks now. Cute as a button and eating prepared frozen food very well.

This batch of hifin serpae tetra are exceptionally nice.

A tiny trio of foxface and a christmas wrasse from our shipment this morning.

New Saltwater Arrivals: Platinum clownfish Flame angel Lemonpeel angel Male stigmaticus sailfin anthias. Raccoon butterfly Green chromis Yellowtail blue damsel Snowflake moray eel Green war paint clown goby Lined dartfish Volitan lionfish Dogface puffer Leopard sharpnose puffer Valentini puffer Foxface Blue hippo tang Powder blue tang Brown bird wrasse Christmas wrasse Harlequin tusk Sixline wrasse Colored bubble anemone Torch coral Assorted discosoma mushroom Assorted coral frags Blue leg reef hermit Red leg reef hermit Emerald crab Astrea snail Nassarius snail Zebra stripe turbo snail

Spice up the night life in your tank with this awesome LED aerating volcano.

Mr. Hairy Puffer needs a family. With an awesome personality and dashing looks he would be a great single pet for someone.

Great selection of fish and aquarium supplies. Haven’t asked any challenging questions of the staff yet. Planning on goi. ng here in a few weeks once our tank is set up to get some new fish. If the staff is knowledgeable then a rating will follow.

Cruised up today to see what all the fuss was about. A trip well worth making, fantastic selection of fresh water critters and plants. Cool shop to check out!.

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