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The Aquarium Pet Shop, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. 397 likes | 6 talking about this | 3 were here.

The Aquarium Pet Shop is a supporter of the Wisconsin Rapids National Night Out this upcoming Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 4pm to 6pm at the Woodlands Church located across from our old pet shop location and just down from COPPS.

Saturday, 4th of July, Holiday Hours So that our staff at The Aquarium Pet Shop can be with their family and friends on this most special of holidays, we will be closed this Saturday. We will have normal shop hours Friday and Sunday. All of us here wish you and yours a very safe and fun filled holiday.

THIS POST IS WRITTEN SPECIFICALLY TO THE PERSON OR PERSONS WHO THOUGHT IT NECESSARY TO CALL THE WISCONSIN RAPIDS POLICE DEPARTMENT BECAUSE IN THEIR NON-PROFESSIONAL OPINION, ONE OR MORE OF OUR PET ENCLOSURES WAS NOT CLEAN TO THEIR SATISFACTION. The Aquarium Pet Shop has on a daily basis sixty seven (67) pet enclosures, tanks, or cages that contain anywhere from one (1) to a number of live pets. Our pet enclosures are cleaned DAILY. We are a small locally owned business and. cannot employ a cleaning staff of ten (10) people to clean cages all day long. If you have a concern about the pets, VOLUNTEER to join our family and we would be happy to show you what needs to be done! If you do not like the way we do our cleaning here, DO NOT COME IN. Our animals don’t just poop once a day, they go all day long!! The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department does not find your calls amusing, and neither do we.

We currently have several grooming appointment times available for tomorrow, Saturday June 20th. Call NOW for your appointment at 715 421-0776.

We have recently learned that not all of our new customers are aware that we have food for their unusual pets. We normally have on hand crickets and mealworms, mice, feeder fish and rats, as well as various frozen products for your pets diet. Be sure to give us a call with your special needs. .Continue Reading

CUSTOMER FOCUSED PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMER WANTED If you are. . An Experienced Groomer or have had formal training Self Motivated and Results driven Willing to go the extra mile Friendly and outgoing Detailed and organized Keep a neat and clean grooming room Have a desire to succeed Calm and Patient with animals We offer. Grooming location in a well established LOCAL retail pet shop Computerized client records All equipment and supplies provided A shop where your ideas matter A really cool place to work Commission based on performance Call Deb at show contact info and let’s explore each other to see if you are that perfect match for this grooming opportunity.

We have been very busy at the shop! It is star, ting to look like a real business again. We continue to work on the fish tanks. We just got some Green Terrors in and we have small angels. We have newt’s and frogs, Patriot crabs, Fiddler crabs and hermit crabs! We do have some guppies but we are out of betta fish. Next week we hope to expand on the tanks. We just got some baby bearded dragons in, we have some juvenile and adults also. We have various other reptiles. We have 1 angora bunny left, a couple baby guinea pigs and a baby chinchilla left. Next is the puppy pen! We will be getting several Yorkie mixes and 2 poms in the next couple of weeks! Come and see:)

The wall panels for the grooming room are now up and we are extremely pleased to announce that we are now accepting grooming appointments at our brand NEW location in the Rapids Mall effective Tuesday, May 12th and beyond Call now and schedule your pets grooming appointment. Call 715 421-0776

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: The plumbers arrived early this morning and by shortly after noon, we had hot and cold running water and drains for our grooming room and the work sink on the floor. We even have great water pressure now. Only had a little better than a dribble before. The construction contractor will be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to put up the false front which we need to keep our shop animals (Our shop cat and dog) and any of the birds that decide to go for. a fly contained within the pet shop. We don’t want them to get lost in the mall common area. And lastly, the big yellow awning at the old shop is finally down and taken in for rehab. It will be re-lettered and mounted in the mall over our main entrance. As our location is at the far end, the fact that it extends out several feet from the wall is not an issue. It will help people find us We will also be putting a sign saying the Aquarium Pet Shop on our outside door in the parking lot. The sign is still being made. For reference, our door is the one directly under the “M” of the Rapids Mall wall mounted sign in the back parking lot. Very easy access. Feel free to enter the pet shop that way if you like. Well for now that’s all to report. Lot of work still to do but it is all coming along very nicely. Please feel free to stop in and say hi and check us out.

Well, we are going to have feeder fish by Friday this week! Kristal and I have been able to star, t some tanks and have just hooked up a 55 gallon store tank so the feeders can have their tanks back. We are “open” but not fully organized or restocked. We have continued to sell crickets with not too much lag time. We will not have our big sink and grooming tub hookup until Monday now:( I star, ted booking grooming appointments for Wednesday the 6th of May so my water better b. e hooked up!! Anyway, come in and see us at the new location at the Rapids Mall. If you need something in particular, I am sure we can find it, it might just take a minute:) Much thanks to our many volunteers without whose help we would have gone crazy or crazier anyway!!!

Just an up date. Deb had expected to be open for business at our new Rapids Mall location by this weekend. However, due to situations beyond our control, NO remodeling work or plumbing work, has begun. It is unknown at this time when we will be able to open. Please call or stop by if you need live food for your pets as Deb does have access to assist you with your needs. Continue to watch here for updates when we expect to open for regular business.

Excellent new location and store front! Deb and her crew have worked so hard to get everything moved and set up. Thanks. to all the new faces that have come through the doors to see what the shop has for them. Ask Deb or her crew if you don’t see what you want. Great job Deb and Mike and the rest of the crew!

Love that The Aquarium Pet Shop has been around for 30+ years. The new owners have brought in such a variety of fish, an. imals, and product. If they don’t have it they will do their best at getting it for you. If you have a fish that out grows your tank; call and talk to Deb. She will try and arrange a trade! Don’t forget spring is right around the corner take your dog in to get fixed up and get them all their outside necessities. The staff is so friendly and will do everything they can to acquire to your needs! Stop in TODAY!.
The Aquarium Pet Shop, Wisconsin Rapids, WI. 264 likes | 3 talking about this | 65 were here. Full line retail pet shop and grooming service.

I was there a few years ago with someone looking for fish. While there I walked around and saw the grooming room which h. ad a window. The lady in there was grooming a cat. The cat looked like it was drugged, and as it tried to crawl away from her, she jerked it back and pushed it’s head down to the counter top. I knocked on the window, and when she realized someone had seen her, she eased up on the torment. I later called the store to tell them of the torment she caused to this poor animal. It wasn’t my pet, and I didn’t know who’s it was. I so wanted to be able to tell the owner about it and for them to NEVER take their pets there again. If anyone EVER has to get their pet groomed, I urge you to STAY there and observe it so this treatment does not happen to your babies. Wish I could give NO STARS!!!

This place is disgusting. The smell is horrible, the owner knows nothing about animal care. While I was there the hamper. s got into a fight, she put a hamper in a cage by itself with no bedding, no food, or water while it was bleeding.

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the aquarium pet shop image image image

We offer pet grooming, retail products, small animals, fish, birds, dogs & cats.
The Aquarium Pet Shop. I took my Pomeranian into the Aquarium Pet store in Wisconsin Rapids today to get a bath, hair dried, hair cut, ear cleaning, nail trim/file, anal gland check, and teeth brushed.
The owner called us back and refused to refund our money, she also denied the groomer having had any other complaints, she denied the groomer did anything wrong, and she told me the only thing she would do was have the same groomer cut my dogs hair again. Please do not take your animals to the Aquarium, I have never been this unhappy about a local business in my life. Nice work on get what I like.
555 West Grand Avenue Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495.
(715) 421-0776

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Peaches Flintstone
@ pillaquarium
I wish my bedroom would be overlooking an aquarium

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I remember that day we took a random trip to Shed Aquarium

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My new honey. We had a magical moment at the aquarium.

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Duluth Aquarium not losing!…

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theknockoutset We love our fun! We have our Theme Park, @
NickUniverse, also an indoor aquarium, @
SEALIFEMN, AND over 520 stores here!

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The Reiman Aquarium at #
DiscoveryWorld is truly a gift to the city of Milwaukee.

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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood #
Chicago #
MidwestIsBest @ Shedd Aquarium

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I drank so much lemonade at @
Sandcastlempls my insides are just a giant lemonade aquarium.

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win 2 VIP Tickets to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on Mommys Favorite Things #

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HURRY over to get this Fisher-Price Little People Aquarium Visit for ONLY $5.98 (Retail $19.99)!—&gt,

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go4abe It looks like a giant fish tank/aquarium with all of that glass. #

Against Ray!
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MarthaYoung same except with American Aquarium.

Wrap up a NewYou
@ WeightLossWrapN
Shedd Aquarium Introduced their Newest Member [Video]

@ Miss_K_Runs
Milwaukee, WI
My travel Tuesday is from my adventures last week in Seattle. From the beach to the aquarium to the…

Christina Lang
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Bloomington, MN
Dont slap the stingrays….#
momsnewfavoritesaying @ SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

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Shedd Aquarium
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DYK a @
SheddResearch marine biologist, @
TseLynn, created a #
citizenscience toolkit for divers to monitor seahorses?

Learning with Shedd
@ SheddLearning
Volunteer to engage w school groups in Shedd’s exhibits!… #
ILEdchat #
edchat #
@ nwi
Do you remember the first time you visited the Indiana Dunes?

Shedd Aquarium
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DYK you can tell the difference between reptiles & amphibians by ear? Reptiles hiss, grunt and roar, but amphibians sing! #

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Thank you #
SheddBLU guests for a magical evening! Were grateful for your support & dedication in making it a success

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Delicious food from some of Chicagos premiere restaurants & an encounter with a swimming sturgeon. Thats #

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Our guests are enjoying the BLU-tiful Chicago skyline as the sun sets at #
SheddBLU But the fun is only just starting!

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
While raising critical funds for animal care, our guests are celebrating our new #
Sheddphibians exhibit! #

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
It’s officially time to kick off #
SheddBLU! It’s going to be an unFROGettable evening.

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Well be closing early today at 4pm to set up for #
SheddBLU. Last time to purchase tickets is 3:15pm:

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
We made the cut for the Best Aquarium category in the .@
MacKidTravel Gold Daisy nominations! Vote for us by 8/4:

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Due to an all-day special-event, concert and #
SheddBLU, expect road closures & congestion on Museum Campus tomorrow:

Hallie Wilson
@ halliekwilson
Tomorrows the day! Excited for #
SheddBlu at the @
shedd_aquarium this weekend. (Limited tix still available here:

Learning with Shedd
@ SheddLearning
Work Study Teens headed to Black Patridge Woods (@
FPDCC) this week for #
nature, stewardship & team building 1 of 6

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Well be closing early tomorrow to set up for our #
SheddBLU event. More details about when and where here:

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Jurassic World 2 in 2018 means well be ready and waiting with our #
Prattkeeping skills. #
RaptorSquad #

Shedd Great Lakes
@ Shedd_GL
Got science? @
ECHOvt does, courtesy of touring @
SheddResearch-er Dr. Eric Larson and his eDNA demonstration!

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Its #
NationalHotDogDay and hot dog we love our rescue dogs! Keep pets cool today with extra water and short walks.

Shedd Aquarium
@ shedd_aquarium
Tickets are still available for #
SheddBLU. Don’t miss out on this ribbiting experience!

Learning with Shedd
@ SheddLearning
Is it a fish? Summer Worlds Tour campers making observations of fishes and other animals in the Wild Reef

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