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Good luck to all of our riders competing at the Sheboygan County Fair Park in the County Mounties 4-H Hunter Jumper show. We have some advanced riders as well as riders who are showing off-campus for the first time. and couldn’t be more proud!! Show them what you’ve got ladies!!

AWESOME REVIEW ALERT!!! We had Maddy the Magnificent for our trail guide. She did an excellent job with my 6 year old grandson. She made sure he knew the importance of the rules and yet made sure he had a good time. He wanted to go again before he even left the driveway.

Tomorrow we welcome our youngest campers to our day camp. Campers will enjoy two lessons a day on the same horse, learning to care for and groom them along the way. They will show off their skills at a show for their family members at the end of the week. Have fun everyone!!

Today Appy welcomes 70 riders from St. Sebastian, who will split into three groups and get to experience our wonderful horses on our beautiful trails. We love being able to help others experience the joy of horse back riding!!

Almost 100 students from Arrowhead High School will be taking over our stable today for an interactive summer gym class. The group will be broken into three groups and will learn how to care for, groom, and saddle a horse as well as take a trail ride through the beautiful country side. Now that is what I call hands on learning!!

From “Our Horse” to Yours! What an exciting day! Appy Orse Acres donated 12,000 pounds of hay to the Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in Elkhart Lake, WI. Founded in 2008, Amazing Grace is a horse rescue and adoption facility whose sole purpose is to offer a safe haven for unwanted, abused or neglected horses: shelter, nutrition, vet and farrier care, and most importantly – unconditional love and attention. We here at Appy Orse feel blessed to be able to help them with their . mission. In addition to the hay donation from Appy Orse, we presented Amazing Grace with a cash donation from the members of the Willow Hill Riding Club which is based at Appy Orse. It feels good to help the animals we love!

AWESOME REVIEW ALERT!! “My experience was wonderful. I liked how our guide was very considerate over my back problem and even asked on how I was doing. She was very knowledgeable about the trees and birds in the area.she was very nice to my girlfriend and I. I would like to do this more.”

Today star, ts a busy weekend for Appy Orse Acres! Not only do we have some talented riders representing us at a show today, but we also have a very large group of Boy Scouts spending the weekend at the stable learning everything there is to know about horses including how to care for, groom, tack, and ride them in the ring and on the trails. Not to mention our first overnight summer camp star, ts on Sunday!!! What a great weekend to show off and share our horse knowledge with the public!!

After spending some time with the Appy herd quietly grazing out in one of their expansive pastures, a quote came to mind that perfectly described the setting. “Their ways are ways of pleasantness, and all their paths are peace.” These horses sure are lucky to have a place like ours to call home. we certainly have happy horses at Appy!!

APPY ALUMNI UPDATE!!! Below is a story one of our alumn, Sondra, shared about her experiences growing up around horses at Appy and how these experiences shaped her involvement with horses today. what a great story!! I grew up riding at Appy Orse Acres and at my grandma, Nancy Loos’ house, star, ting very young, around 6 or 7 I believe. I rode a very long list of school horses, including Pogo, Jeremiah, Fella, Chubby, Bart, Duncan and Hawk, just to name some of the earlier one. s… I did not have the opportunity to show very often, but the WHRC spring show was a must every year, including after I had gone to college and came home in the spring. I went to UW-River Falls in 2001 and star, ted competing in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) in the spring of 2002. I rode in the Nationals competition as a Novice rider in 2003 and as an alumni in 2009. Although I had given some lessons during the summers between school years, I star, ted working as a professional horse trainer in June 2008 in Stillwater, Minnesota at Flying E Stables, training American Saddlebred Horses. Not only had I never ridden a saddlebred, but I had never ridden saddleseat either! At Flying E, I quickly adapted to riding saddleseat, and made my show ring debut aboard the beautiful Friesian horse, Foppe, in 2009, earning blue ribbons on the local circuit as well as A-rated Saddlebred shows, FASH and Tanbark. I also got the opportunity to purchase a young American Saddlebred horse, named Winsdown Celebrity, who would become my first horse, in December 2008. He didn’t seem to want to work for anyone, and he even gave me a lot of attitude in the beginning, but I discovered that he really had a talent for jumping and loved to do it. Today, I board him at a barn which has a large herd and huge grass pastures, the closest I’ve seen to Appy Orse Acres, in Minnesota, and he loves it. My son Adrian, who is the same age as Celebrity, has a very close relationship with him as well, and refers to him as his Brother. When I have the chance, Celebrity and I show in the jumper division, and when he’s had good practice, he jumps in the 3’ to 3’6” range. His very favorite treat is a banana!

It’s here, it’s here!! Horse show weekend is here!! The Willow Hill Riding Club will be hosting its 31st Annual Spring Horse Show this Sunday. This is a fun schooling show, perfect for sharing you’re riding skills with your friends and family. It is also a great fundraiser for our college grant fund, which gives scholarships to members who attend college. Ride hard, do your best, but most importantly. HAVE FUN!!

Appy has a new visitor for the next 5 months! Kola will be staying with us while his owner, Shannon, travels across the country for vet school. Shannon’s sister, Chelsea, will be exercising this beautiful 8 year old OTTB this summer! Welcome Kola!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms out there. two or four legged!!

We had a great time at Appy Orse Acres today. Our guides, Peyton and Mattie (sorry if I spelled wrong) were fabulous! Thanks for a great morning!

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