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(715) 835-5141


6700 US Highway 53,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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Militaryflagcase.com, Eau Claire, WI. 310 likes | 8 were here. We build Military flag cases and more.

Good Morning, looks like a good day to do some yard work, but with todays gas prices I’m thinking sheep.

God morning and what a beauty it is.

Taking the next few days off from the shop to plant apple trees. Back in the shop on Monday so I do not get to far behind.

Finished designs on the bakers rack. However before construction can begin I must finish my Spring to do list.

When will Spring truly arrive. All caught up in the shop and planting apple trees Saturday

Almost caught up in the wood shop. Trying to think up a new project. Any ideas?

I am sooo ready for spring!!!

Good Morning, another grand day for making saw dust.

Got another order for a dart ball board. I found bass wood works the best.

Time to paint the store and fix broken equipment.

Good Morning, another day in the wood shop applying final coat of finish today on several projects. 3 new projects waiting for me next week

Cleaned shop today, found my missing floor. smile emoticon

Shelly’s folks, GG’s house in Mason language, had there kitchen, dining and living room floors replaced. Hidden under the carpeted steps were these treasures that just could not be hidden anymore. Thanks to Matthew, Sam, Matt and yes even me, they were restored to there previous glory.

Shelly has decided on having a bakers rack built for her, so I am working on the design in my spare time.

Making something special in the shop, using a different wood, beautiful stuff.

Come on, you know you want to like me. smile emoticon It is just a click away.

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to GG’s we go with a nail gun and base shoe, grandson too!

This is the result of a customer request.

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apple valley home image image image

Apple Valley Home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin provides resident assisted living to up to 4 adults.

6700 Highway 53, Eau Claire, WI 54701.
(715) 835-5141

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Neighborhood News AM
@ yatown_news_am
Apple Valley, MN
Winds of change remake Apple Valley home -Minneapolis Star Tribune https://yatown.com/news/Apple-Valley,MN/Winds-of-change-remake-Apple-Valley-home?pb=Minneapolis+Star+Tribune&lo=Apple-Valley%2CMN&sn=Homeowners+Dave+and+Chip+Solner+look+down+their+main+staircase%2C+created+out+of+the+trees+that+destroyed+their+property+during+a+windstorm%2C+in+Apple+Valley%2C+Minn.+on+Tuesday%2C..&vi=y&ti=Winds+of+change+remake+Apple+Valley+home&xu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.startribune.com%2Flocal%2Fsouth%2F165584176.html&im=http%3A%2F%2Fstmedia.startribune.com%2Fimages%2F630%2A420%2F11dchouse0812.jpg&src=tw… #
AppleValley #

Neighborhood News AM
@ yatown_news_am
Apple Valley, MN
Apple Valley arsonist spared prison after torching house where ex-Viking was … -Pioneer Press https://yatown.com/news/Apple-Valley,MN/Apple-Valley-arsonist-spared-prison-after-torching-house-where-ex-Viking-was-?pb=Pioneer+Press&lo=Apple-Valley%2CMN&sn=By+Maricella+Miranda%26mdash%3BAaron+M.+Ferrarese+said+he+regrets+the+night+last+summer+that+he+intentionally+set+fire+to+an+Apple+Valley+home+while+a+former+Minnesota+Vikings+running+back+and+his+family+were+asleep+inside..&vi=y&ti=Apple+Valley+arsonist+spared+prison+after+torching+house+where+ex-Viking+was+…&xu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.twincities.com%2Flocalnews%2Fci_20225826%2Fapple-valley-man-regrets-setting-house-afire&src=tw… #
AppleValley #

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