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Affordable lab tests to fit your healthcare budget.Concerned about a surprise bill? You’ll knowupfront at ANY LAB TEST NOW.Call now and Take Control of Your Health®

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Any Lab Test Now – Wellness testing and screening. Drug testing and paternity/DNA testing. Physician on staff for pre employment and DOT exams along with family practice. Flu and B12 shots.
2834 West Rawson Avenue Franklin, WI 53132

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    Vjollca H.

    Cudahy, WI

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    I have a Comprehensive male panel done at AnylabTest some months ago. The nurse did the venipuncture at the same level as the Aurora Health Care Facility, where I did the similar test before. Got the result in 48 hours. The results were similar with the previous test I have from another Clinic. The difference: the Clinic charged me $294 for a similar test (without the urine test), Plus a $293 for a (Phantom) Preventive Visit that never happen. So I got same results from Anylabtest for $220 compared with $587 from the clinic, no matter that I have Medicare and B.C.B Shield supplement Medicare Insurance. Now I’m sendin my wife for a female Pannel for a preventive test. We send the test in Australia where my close relative works as a Physician and our health is very good. All vital signs are normal and we do need to take any medicine, but we take a lot of Garlic, Bitter Apricot Kernel, Ginger, Papya, Flax Seeds and much … much more. Based on the anylab tests we modify the diet.

  2. barbara p reviewer

    Barbara P.

    Springville, IA

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    I recently had to visit Any Lab Test Now the service there was awesome they made me feel welcome and the test I had to take was done exceptionally well.

    Thank you Any Lab Test Now Keep up the good work!

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