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If anyone is looking for a kitten a very good client of ours has a few. She rescues many cats and dogs, and she is at her limit. We do not post animal’s that are for sale, but Katie is actually willing to pay someone to take care of these guys – which is why the exception is being made. They are all healthy kitties – I checked them out myself.

The signs, they are a changing.

Fun story from Friday. We have a blood hound who refuses to enter the hospital, otherwise he is the nicest dog around. So we have taken to sedating him outside on the hospital lawn. On Friday we sedated him on the lawn and while waiting for him to relax his owner walked around and noticed a four leaf clover, then another, and another. By the time his dog was sleeping he had collected 23 four leaf clovers. After the procedure they called us on their way home – they had bought some Lucky Clover lottery tickets. and of course won $150. They also bought PowerBall tickets, we’ve been promised a new Rehabilitation wing of the hospital if they win. Here’s hoping!

Please remember to never leave your pet in a car during the summer. Even on a seemingly mild 80 degree day the temp inside a car can reach fatal levels. Other summer advice to keep your dogs cool: A small pool in the backyard and plenty of shade go a long way. Go on shorter walks, if it’s hot for you, it’s hot for them. and they’re wearing a fur coat! And if your pet is showing signs of heatstroke remember to place wet towels around their groin and armpits and use fans to cool them down. while seeking veterinary care. NEVER USE ICE!!! Ice will constrict blood vessels which then traps heat around vital organs.

Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day from all of us at the Animal hospital of Chetek – proud sponsors of Liberty Fest. It looks like it’s going to be a perfect day on the lake, so just a quick reminder to Never feed your dog just before or while on your boat. The steady rocking motion of waves can cause a full stomach to twist. But be sure to give them plenty of water.

Over the years we’ve had dozens, maybe hundreds of people ask us about removing warts and skin tags off of their pets. Usually these lesions are benign, and removal would be for cosmetic purposes only. So we often say it is not worth placing them under anesthesia for removal. Recently we invested in a cryotherapy unit which allows us to safely remove these lesions without the use of anesthesia. Please note that masses like these found around the eyelids will still require s. edation for safety purposes. And some pets that are less happy to visit the vet may also require mild sedation. It should also be noted that we would not recommend this method of removal if we suspect the lesion may be cancerous. This is because freezing a lesion destroys cells, which makes us unable to identify what was removed. Please feel free to call 715-859-6650 to find out if cryotherapy is right for your pet.

A big Congratulations and even bigger THANK YOU to Ken and Darlene Justus. They won the $100 Amazon gift card as part of our Spring Vectra 3D flea and tick drawing. Upon learning they had won, their first question was – “can we use the card at the Animal Hospital?” We gave them a gift certificate to The Animal Hospital of Chetek instead. There is no greater joy than knowing our services are valued more than the immense selection of products available on Amazon – it pretty much made our day smile emoticon.

Grooming is Gone! Sorry everyone, this was a short lived adventure. Both the hospital and the groomer mutually decided it was simply not going to work out. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience. For the time being we are referring grooms to either Sara’s Canine Solutions or Pet Supplies Plus – Both located in Rice Lake. We are still able to perform routine baths and nail trims. Once again we are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any question please do not hesitate to call 715-859-6650.

Grooming is Back!!! And appointments are filling fast. Call 715-859-6650 to schedule today.

I’m going to bring this up again because I just saw a commercial for Nexgard (the new oral flea and tick medication), which said, “Vets recommend it.” I want to be on record as saying I DO NOT recommend this product. It takes 48 hours to kill ticks. Lyme disease is transmitted in 24 hours, Anaplasmosis is transmitted far more quickly. By the time Nexgard works, your pet will have already contracted the diseases you are trying to prevent. What really upsets me is the advertis. ing claims it works in 24 hours – this is a misleading half truth. Nexgard kills fleas in 24 hours, NOT TICKS. But the website and commercial conveniently leave that fact out. Dogs may like the taste, but the product itself should be considered useless as a tick preventative until they improve the tick kill time. The false advertising makes me distrust the product even more. – Kamran Khan, DVM

Perfect time to adopt a cat!

Happy Easter everyone. I’m hoping to enjoy it with my family, which means everyone needs to pay a little extra attention to their pets today. 1. All lilies are toxic to cats, not just the Easter Lily. Even the pollen is toxic. If a cat is exposed to a lilly, they will seem fine for two days, but later on they develop kidney failure. Keep these out of reach of all cats. 2. Easter grass/basket filler. It’s fun to decorate the basket, but cats and dogs can and will eat this stu. ff. Easter grass can create major obstructive problems, which can sometimes be fatal without surgery. 3. Chocolate – We all know the danger, just keep it out of reach. and maybe keep the dogs inside or on a tight leash during the egg hunt. They have pretty good noses and they can and will find the goodies before children. 4. Easter dinner. Don’t share the ham, and especially don’t give the pets the ham bone. Ham and other human food can cause pancreatitis which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Extreme case can be fatal. And finally bones can fracture teeth, or worse yet they can cause stomach obstructions, or if they splinter they can even poke a hole in the stomach – both of these situations require surgery to correct. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. And please pay special attention to your pets, so I can spend the day with my family smile emoticon. But if something comes up, please don’t hesitate to call the emergency line 715-859-6651.

A rabies positive fox bit an eight year old boy in North Carolina. I’m trying to embed the news video but am having trouble. .Although this happened in North Carolina, it could be anywhere. If normally shy mammals are acting bold, or nocturnal animals are out during the day, call animal control. And make sure all your dogs, cats (even indoor only cats), ferrets, and horses are vaccinated for rabies. We can’t do much about wild animals, but we can reduce risk to our own. In W. isconsin Fox, Bats, Skunks, and Raccoons, are going to be your top rabies carrying species. Even if your pet is rabies vaccinated, it is best to avoid physical encounters with these guys. And finally any bite from any animal with an unknown rabies status needs immediate veterinary or medical care (depending on who was bit obviously). The county Health department needs to be contacted, and ideally the offending animal is captured and either quarantined and examined for rabies, or euthanized and submitted for rabies (more accurate, and the only way to know for sure with very aggressive animals).

Thanks for all the well wishes. Yesterday and last night were rough, passing out at the hospital was the highlight of the day. But I’m doing much better this morning. My face swelled up like a basketball and my ears looked I’d been a professional boxer for a decade (and never won a fight). Now the facial swelling is down to the size of a soccer ball. Anytime you have lymph node swelling it’s a little scary, but this was/is likely a very bad sinus infection. Steroids and antib. iotics seem to be doing the trick. I plan on being in the office Monday 50:50 on seeing appointments. By Tuesday I should be good to go. Hopefully I didn’t give anyone a scare. My wife said the last post, “was a bit dramatic.” In my defense I was on a lot of medications at the time. Thanks again for thinking about me, Kamran Khan, DVM

Sorry for canceling a lot of appointments this week. I’m very sick, cause has yet to be determined. Be prepared for more cancellations and limited appointment times next week as we will likely only have one doctor. .who has been working extra hard in my absence, and needs to get some rest. Hopefully this will only be a short term departure for me. Kamran Khan, DVM

In an effort to improve our client services we will be switching our internet service provider at the end of the month. This will substantially increase the speed of the free WiFi we offer clients as well as speeding up our check-in and check-out times. As part of the process we will be changing our email address. Our new email address is: animalhospitalofchetek@gmail.com . Until the end of the month we will be checking both of our email accounts, but in April we will only have the Gmail account. Until then please feel free to contact us by either route. And of course if it is an emergency it would be best to call 715-859-6650 And if you didn’t know we have free WiFi – just ask the front desk for the password.

Dr. Kamran Khan is the best, he took care of our boxer-Abby, late last night, then reassured us with his expert knowledge, thumbs up for this clinic.

I want to go thank Dr.Kahn and the entire staff for what you have done to save the life of our family lovable pit bull. . You folks are amazing. To all you folks that take your lovable family pets here, please look into the charity if you can’t pay the entire bill, it helps. Lilly( my putbull) is back to her normal self. You guys and girls and the charity get an A tttttt for all your help.

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We are proud to offer state of the art veterinary medicine at affordable prices.
Our Healthy Pet Program (the first of its kind in Western Wisconsin) allows you to pay one low monthly price for your.
Animal Hospital of Chetek.
Because Your Pets Deserve the Best. Our Healthy Pet Program (the first of its kind in Western Wisconsin) allows you to pay one low monthly price for your pets vaccines, heartworm testing, examinations, and more. Never again will you be surprised by the big vet bill for a routine visit. We even offer puppy and kitten plans that allow monthly payments for a spay or neuter.
We are also the only AAHA accredited veterinary facility within 50 miles of Rice Lake. Only 15% of veterinary hospitals in North America achieve this honor, so you know when we see your pet that they are being taken care of by veterinarians who go the extra mile. Our state of the art facility offers digital x-rays, 3D ultrasound, Digital medical records, in house bloodwork (you get your pets test results within 20 minutes) and much more. We even offer chemotherapy/oncology services for pets diagnosed with cancer.
The technology allows our veterinarians to truly offer your pets the best care possible. Can’t make it to our hospital? We provide a house call service that will bring our services to you. Please call us for more details.
Our veterinarians will happily examine dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and amphibian(…)

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