Anduzzi’s Sports Club



(920) 965-1111

(920) 965-1110


1992 Holmgren Way,
Green Bay, WI 54304

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anduzzi sports club

Anduzzi’s Sports Bar, with locations in Downtown Appleton and Green Bay, Wisconsin, Anduzzi’s is the place to go for Packer games, family dining, and before and after events at the PAC, Resch Center,. Sports Bar, Bar & Grill. Casual restaurant offering American, Mexican & Italian favorites plus a lively sports bar.
I really like the layout of the bar.
Its very open and social. Its not like the older bars where you just stare at a wall. There is a dance for but luckily it is small enough where you don’t need to dance if you don’t want to and you can still talk to your friends without shouting.
The food is pretty standard.
The crowd can be a little odd on weeknights when there is not a game in town. One of my favorite stadium bars.
Never spending another cent here again!
Last time was about 3-4 years ago. I had a coupon for buy one drink, get 2 free, valid only certain days/times (which matched up perfectly with their happy hour which is normally double bubble anyways). I showed the bartender my coupon, she verified the days and times, and that yes it is valid.
I got my three drinks and then we got the check.
Not busy, they just weren’t paying attention and would just stand around at the other end of the bar.
Come to find out they charged me for two drinks, including top shelf liquor when I specifically said a different, cheaper but still good brand.
The bartender (different one, the previ(…)

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Cathy Paper
@ CathyPaper
Appleton, WI
Hanging with karen, paul Betsy and summer. (@ Anduzzis Sports Club – @

@ sherwoodywood
Ashwaubenon, WI
Ky Kys birthday celebration! #
feelin22 #
girlspic @ Anduzzis Sports Club

Rachel Gray
@ Rcubed_24
Appleton, WI
Happy 21st Bones (@ Anduzzis Sports Club – @
d2sportsapltn in Appleton, WI)

Hanna Hopkins
@ HannaHopk
Ashwaubenon, WI
First birthday picture @ Anduzzis Sports Club

Emily Standa
@ emstanda22
Ashwaubenon, WI
2 blondes, one fishbowl @ Anduzzis Sports Club

@ TOPH2005
Ashwaubenon, WI
Having lunch before the gamblers game (@ Anduzzis Sports Club – @
anduzzisgb in Green Bay, WI)

Brandon Bartels
@ BBartels8
Ashwaubenon, WI
Sunday Funday #
NFCDivChampionship #
TurnUpForWhatever (@ Anduzzis Sports Club – @
anduzzisgb in Green Bay, WI)
@ dine_here
Ashwaubenon, WI
Anduzzis Sports Club #
Green_Bay Snapped a pic with a local celebrity…the fence

Kristin Floss
Ashwaubenon, WI
So refreshing to be reunited with my fellow pointers! @ Anduzzis Sports Club

Jennifer Feltz
@ jenfeltz
Ashwaubenon, WI
Yay for the Packer win
icon smile#
greenngold #
GreenBayPackers #
gopackgo #
bleedgreenandgold (@ Anduzzis Sports Club)

Brad Spychalski
@ bradspy
Ashwaubenon, WI
GoPackGo!! @ Anduzzis Sports Club

Ross Maxwell – WAPL
@ RossMaxwellWAPL
Ashwaubenon, WI
You should come to the Tailgate Tent so you may enjoy how handsome I am. @ Anduzzis Sports Club

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