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(608) 237-7382


1837 Ludden Dr # B120,
Cross Plains, WI 53528

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American Driving Society Inc., Cross Plains. 3,717 likes | 170 talking about this | 3 were here. The American Driving Society’s mission is to promote the. .

“How do ponies swim? They doggie paddle, of course!” Where is the “love” button!!!!???

A very powerful article making the rounds on social media – It certainly applies to driving. Ever have a talented equine that is just giving you a heck of a time? Stick with it – find the root of the problem and in the author’s words, “help him be all he can become. This, I believe is the real reason we have these wonderful creatures.” “Like” if you agree

Driving Radio Show Episode 211 by EcoVet Fly Repellent – Tandem Minis and Racing for the Carriages Patty Kramps of Patty’s Pony Place in Canada joins us to talk about her first attempt at tandem driving her adorable minis and race car driver Sean Corr on his support of the NY Carriages. Plus, Maria from the ADS on the 2016 Championships. Listen in…

Driving Radio Show Episode 210 by Ecovet – New Percheron and the Villa Louis Carriage Classic, Inc. Listener Robin Donahe tells us about her new Percheron and her review of Eco-Vet, the ADS needs help and Michael Rider from the Villa Louis Carriage Classic. Listen in…

For some of us, VSE-fever star, ted pretty young. Check out these beautiful pictures from LIFE magazine in 1952

Driving Radio Show Episode 209 by Ecovet – Driving Gypsy Vanners and the CAA Grand Opening Listener Jackie Rollins from Texas on her love of Gypsy Vanners, Ann from Driving Digest on the CAA Grand Opening and Maria from the ADS. And of course Wendy and Glenn, well, being Wendy and Glenn. Listen in…

Wishing everyone a wonderful Independence Day!

A text conversation with your equine might go something like this. .

T-minus one day until the weekend! Happy driving everyone!

Driving Radio Show Episode 208 – The Second Coachman’s Roundtable Round 2 of the Coachman’s Roundtable with three of the world’s top Coachman. David Saunders, Robert Longstaff and Tristan Aldrich answer questions from listeners on being professional coachmen. Listen in…

Driving Radio Show Episode 207 by Ecovet – Award Winners and Driving Clubs from the US and Canada This week we make a surprise call to an award winner, Maria from the ADS goes Arabian and we highlight two Driving Clubs/Associations from the United States and Canada. Listen in…

The driving community is like family. We hope everyone had a great weekend in the box seat!

Driving Radio Show Episode 206 by EcoVet Fly Repellent – Creeping Indigo, Seehorse and the CAA Carriage Festival This week we have Jill Ryder of the Carriage Association of America with a preview of the CAA Carriage Festival coming up on June 26-28 at the Kentucky Horse Park and we learn all about a brand new product called SeeHorse. Plus, Dr. Wendy dispells the myths on Creeping Indigo, or are they myths? Listen in…

We just love the cover of the June / July Morgan Horse magazine featuring Cheryl Pratt Rivers and “Rowley”! Thanks for the great coverage American Morgan Horse Association: Sharing Carrots!

Looking to promote a product or service to drivers? Have a show to promote? What about a horse to sell? Advertise in The Whip! Ad reservations are due June 18.

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american driving society inc image image image

American Driving Society, Inc. To promote the best interests of the sport of driving horses and ponies to carriage both competitively and for pleasure. The American Driving Society Inc. A Simple Truth: Our Sport Depends On Volunteers – Bobbi Hagar.
Conditioning the Driving horse – Richard J. An Introduction to Combined Driving – Andy Marcoux. ADS Rulebook in Review. Over 90 recognized competitions are held across North America. Here is a short clip of some of the wonderful carriage driving you will experience.
278 Cross Plains, WI 53528.
(608) 237-7382

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J Lorenzo
@ jjlorenzo0
Fitchburg, WI
Hotel Im put up at is hosting the American Driving Society. Not what you think, theyre all about driving wagons with horses. #

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