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Augusta Pioneer Motel. 95 likes | 3 were here. A charming log cabin motel in Augusta, Wisconsin. Offering travelers daily or weekly rates.

A perfect night for making s’mores.

As you can see they come in many sizes. Minnetonka Beach is winning the cuteness category!

A bit chilly outside this morning in Augusta, actual temperature of -23 and a windchill of -31. Inside the rooms are cozy and warm!

With a coating of snow and early morning light, the shed looks rustic and charming instead of disreputable. The creek, beautiful in any weather. With this cold snap the creek is now frozen over.

Mother Nature provided an excellent work out for arms and lower back this morning! I think we are ready for some snow mobilers now.

Racing into the last weeks of the year and my first 6 months in Adventures in Inn Keeping. There are days where I feel like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers as a bounce from room to room and task to task seemingly without making any headway. Now that winter has returned to more normal temperatures for the season I’m enjoying it a bit more, plus I’ve finished most of the outdoor projects. The enclosure for the electrical boxes is done and I think it really cleans up that area, one. of the first people see when pulling in. WE Energy has hung the gas meter and Comfort Heating has hooked my old furnace up to the natural gas. Hopefully, the new furnace will go yet this year. The office is insulated! Just a bit more work in the attic to prepare it for the new furnace and the office and studio should be nice and cozy for the winter. True Value cut the pipe perfectly, It is painted and installed, just waiting for me to get the lighted sign hung. I even had a bit of time to put up some Holiday decorations. I’ve got Augie hang out with the Sleigh and Elf on the front patio. I’ve been having a great year. The local sand mine is putting on an addition and part of the construction crew is staying here. So, it looks like I’ll be full until the end of January. So the current project is getting the bathroom rehab done in Room 4 so that I can move back to Room 2, currently occupied with a new extended stay guest. Hoping everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

I am 4 months and 8 days into my adventure in Augusta, Wisconsin. This last week has been so busy I’m a week overdue on this update. The office and studio still aren’t insulated but WE Energy is going to hang the new gas meter sometime this week so that I will be able to have the new furnace installed before it get to blasted cold to move. I’ve been outside all day today. As the days get shorter, so does the time I’m motivated to get things done. It’s just not as much fun to . work outside when its in the mid-30s as when its in the mid-70s. Even with that projects have been moving forward. My maintenance man Pat has been completing the exterior painting. It is amazing the difference it makes when the details get completed. I was out today working on finishing the exterior paint on Rooms 7 & 8. I was short about a quart of paint and a ton of oomph. The final details along with the shed will have to wait until next season. The experiment in getting Westconsin to parallel park is going well. So I’ve finalized it in paint. Again, amazed at how this small change makes the motel look more like a real business. I’ve completed my work on the lighted sign. I am now waiting for True Value Hardware to get the pipe cut to length and threaded. I’m in the middle of rehabbing Room 4. (Literally.) The whole bath has been demolished; but now I’m living in the unit because I needed Room 2 (my bedroom) for one of my extended stay guests. I am looking forward to getting this completed and moving back. Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and having to dress to go outside it just too reminiscent of using the outhouses at Ky-E-Ty and Magnetic Island!

I’ve installed all new cable to each of the rooms and upgraded to high-def DishNetwork. We now have tons of channels including Showtime. PS – the WiFi has been working great and the guests love it.

Month three went all too quickly and these cold mornings prove winter is not too far off. I should probably get around to insulating my office and studio some time soon. But, with the vintage sign at about 90% complete (I’m going to have it shingled at the same time as the office), I’ve moved on to a few other projects. I’ve leveled the shed, replaced the rotten floor joists and now working on replacing missing trim and siding before it gets a matching paint job. The lighted . sign, used to announce my arrival is also getting a makeover and will eventually hang below the vintage sign. And here in Westsconsin, I’m trying to teach them about angled parking. This seems a foreign concept to them. Usually they park as randomly as possible I’m also trying to enclose the electrical boxes, for a neater look, but also to protect them from the random parking. I can’t even tell how many times they’ve been run into. With all of that I’ve been having a blast. The people, both the local residents and my motel guests have been wonderful. Everyone has a story to share. I’ve even had some time for art. I’m continuing my figure sculpture class at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, even with the long commute. The nude I sculpted last spring is being prepared for a bronze casting. I’ve also taken Jim Kelley Art to several shows. Really enjoyed the show in Wausau, met some great people in Park Forest where my toilet picture will have company with a couple of other vintage fixtures. You’ve already seen the pictures from my drive back from Omaha.

The last leg of my drive back from Omaha provided some very lovely scenery!

I’ve been getting visitors almost daily, both for breakfast and dinner!

Here is a picture of the guy who installed the natural gas for the motel, standing by the almost completed sign reno.

Staying with me tonight is a older gentleman who also stayed here 47 years ago. He was working in the area connecting homes to the new natural gas pipeline. He installed the original gas lines into the motel in 1967.

Into the final stages of rehabbing the vintage sign. I’ve now got the first coat of paint on the lettering, just one more to go. Hoping for good weather on Saturday so I can get it finished.

Labor Day marks two months into my new adventure. Contemplating my day with a second cup of coffee. Watching the rain and getting ready to clean some rooms. No vacancies again tonight – Yay!

Trying to dodge the raindrops and get my shrimp cooked on the grill. I need to add a cooking method besides the Weber to my kitchen resources.

Here are a couple of pictures from the BBQ Rib Potluck. It was lots of fun getting to know the guests.

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Close to ATV and Snomobile Trails and many outdoor recreational areas.
Daily and weekly rates available. Charming, clean, comfortable motel rooms on Bridge Creek in Augusta, Wisconsin.
606 E Lincoln St Augusta, WI 54722.
(715) 286-5656

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Augusta Pioneer Motel

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