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9047 W Greenfield Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53214

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Came to visit this amazing man brought him his cigar chillin outside love him so much god bless yu belo

Here visiting my ex mother in law juanita casarez.fills good to see her again.

Allis Care Center has good potential to be a great rehabilitation/ hospice, nursing home, but do to facility changing owership allot. .there seems to be allot of unorganization at this time. Staffing issues and other issues. The staff here is great. but the way it managed is why I give it one star, !!!

Rehab was GREAT, I would give the rehab people 4 and half if not s. My first night there the nurse that was trying to hook me up with a wound pump and asked me why I had a catheter and what the ostomy bag was for. Room was like 90 degrees, had to open my window, it was about 5 degrees outside. Nurses came into me room during the day because it was so hot in all. the other rooms. Night sift, I rang for over an hour and yelled the best I could. I ended up calling my daughter, she called the front desk and told them I was almost on the floor. I wasn’t even able to give myself a drink, or eat without help the nurses didn’t like that either. I should say there was four nurses that did the best they could, I know they were looking for a new place to go. I hope they found some where. After almost 4 months I was ready to go home, as long as I had someone that was going to be with me all the time. I climbed the 4 stairs that they said if I did that I could go home. I told them my daughter was going to be with me, they seen my daughters smile and tear in her eye as she watched me stand for the first time in 8 months. Friday I was going home if I climbed the stairs one more time on monday, waiting for help on sunday to go to the restroom for over an hour I got to the door and got up and as I moved to sit back down I slipped and fell on my left side. Rehab wanted to get xrays, but the people in charge said not needed. I wasn’t able to stand without more pain than the friday before. I didn’t make it up the stairs, so they said for me to get out my wife would have to get a ramp on the front of the house so I could get in. So five thousand dollars for the ramp and another eight to redo the shower in the bathroom and I was finally able to go home. The next week I went to see my doctor, after xrays I was sent to another doctor and a week later I am getting a NEW hip. One more thing, while I was there they took in a man that did not speak english. This man would fight with ALL the staff in the hallway, after the 3 staff that were in our wing got everyone from two other wings to help did they finally get the guy down with three people on top of him. This was every night for more then a week, I did not feel protected in my room and when he came in and grabbed my laptop and through it on the floor I told them that someone had to fix my laptop. My daughter was in the managers office almost before he got to his desk to sit down in the morning. Did they fix my laptop? NO DON”T leave anyone that you love there.

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@ SoModestlyChic
West Allis, WI
day24 #
family my grandpa n my sis Janet #
love @ Allis Care Center

Nurse Sawa
@ sawaboof
Allis Care Center
Im at Allis Care Center (9047 W. Greenfield Ave., 92nd st, West Allis)

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Allis Care Ctr

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