Albert House Associates


(262) 554-6708


4000 Maryland Ave,
Racine, WI 53405

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I used to live here. The people are pretty cool. There is good management. I like the grounds.
Also, I like how it’s only 3 floors and there are laundry machines on each floor.
I like it better than some other places I’ve lived, that’s for sure. It’s so hard to find a nice place to live as a person with a disability, and Albert House seems like a good option, in Racine. I’ve noticed, anywhere I live, there are complaints and this and that from elderly and disabled people, but really, the places are okay!
It’s just how people manage their lives that counts.
It’s good to have your own apartment. The apartments are actually a lot higher quality, especially for the price, than some of the non-income-based places I’ve looked at.
4000 Maryland Ave Racine, WI 53405.
(262) 554-6708

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