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Advanced Chirocare Plus, Woodstock, IL. 4 likes | 1 was here. Advanced Chirocare Plus is not only our name but also our mission. Chiropractic care PLUS. .

Declare your Freedom from pain with Chiropractic!

Concernced about the new FDA Tylenol warnings? Chiropractic and acupuncture are great alternatives.

Musculoskeletal pain or discomfort in any area of the spine or extremity is a candidate for safe, natural, noninvasive chiropractic care.

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Waiting for a problem to “go away?” The longer the condition has been around, the more treatments it will require to resolve. For more info,
Advanced Chirocare Plus-Dr. Cindy Hovi, Woodstock, IL. 41 likes | 4 were here. Advanced Chirocare Plus is not only our name but also our mission. .

Massage does more than relieve your muscle stress. It can have a positive effect on your blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates. These changes seem to occur through the autonomic nervous system that runs your bodily functions automatically. Touch seems to have a direct input into that system. . While the responses are not dramatic or permanent, they do give us a better idea how different alternative healthcare approaches work.

We will be closed August 2 through August 6 for vacation.

What is that liquid stuff that fell out of the sky? Seriously, please be careful of hydration. People become slightly dehydrated in this heat. Slight dehydration results in changes in muscles. Tasks that would usually be no problem, then results in injuries.

A typical response to experiencing back pain is to take it easy – either staying in bed or at least stopping any activity that is at all strenuous. While this approach is understandable and may even be recommended in the short term, when done for more than a day or two it can actually undermine healing. Instead, active forms of back exercises are almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine and help alleviate back pain. When done in a controlled, gradual, and progressive. manner, active back exercises distribute nutrients into the disc space and soft tissues in the back to keep the discs, muscles, ligaments and joints healthy. Consequently, a regular routine of lower back exercises helps patients avoid stiffness and weakness, minimize recurrences of lower back pain, and reduce the severity and duration of possible future episodes of low back pain. To be effective, a patient’s program of back exercises should be comprehensive, working the whole body even if it targets the back. Two back exercises commonly recommended for back pain are McKenzie exercises and dynamic lumbar stabilization.

Don’t let your summer become a bummer because your back is out of whack. Give us a call today to schedule an adjustment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is typically associated with repetitive motions, like factory assembly line work or keyboard use. There are many other reasons that cause CTS to develop such as pregnancy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and menopause. The symptoms of CTS are numbness in the fingers, especially at night in the beginning, weakness when attempting to grip, and difficulty performing fast repetitive tasks. Non-surgical care is very effective in the treatment of mil. d to moderate CTS. In our office, we use a combination of massage, splinting, acupuncture, cold laser and manipulation. Many people think they have CTS when they actually have a pinched nerve in their neck, an entrapped nerve in the shoulder or tendonitis in their forearm. An assessment by a chiropractor can help you decide, if you actually have CTS.

Vertebrae which lose their normal position or proper motion are commonly termed vertebral subluxations. Spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation is the process of applying a quick but gentle pressure to “subluxated” vertebrae in a corrective manner. Most people think of the benefits of chiropractic care only in terms of the physical re-alignment. Adjusting provides an immediate increase in joint range of motion and also supplies the joint with nutrients, as motion is the only way to bring nutrients into the joint cartilage and flush wastes products out. Better nutrient supply means better healing.

There is a relationship between moderate exercise and low back pain. Less time being a couch potato means less low back pain. Walking decreased the occurrence of back pain. In a study of adults who engaged in regular, low to moderate exercise, such as walking, significant differences were noted when these people were compared to those with a more sedentary lifestyle. The group of patients who exercised, had improved mood, reduced need for physical therapy, and used less pa. in medication. They also tended to have less work disability. The classic two weeks of bed rest for low back pain is truly passe. It can be argued that those two weeks of bed rest actually increase your chances of having more back pain. Except in cases of large herniated discs with nerve impingement, we now tell everyone to move. It is important to stay active. Walking, working out with an exercise ball, and yoga are some of the best ways to keep you pain free. You don’t need a gym membership, just some comfortable shoes or a simple ball or a foam roll.

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Sometimes low back pain is not so easy to figure out. Sure everybody knows when they move wrong and feel a pop what has happened. But what about chronic low back pain that seems to come and go at will? On nearly every visit, I look at the length of the patient’s legs. Not that your leg grows over night but a difference in the leg length shows several things that help determine the root cause of low back pain. A discrepancy that comes and goes, can be indicative of musc. le spasms or weakness that accompany vertebral misalignments. That’s why I keep going back to look at your feet after I adjust you. A discrepancy that remains consistent can mean gluteal (buttocks) muscle weakness or a short leg or hip/knee/ankle problems. The true short leg. Up to 10% of people will have an anatomic difference in leg length of up to one centimeter. This short leg causes the pelvis to incline to one side providing an uneven support for the base of your spine. It’s a little like walking with one shoe on and one shoe off. If that’s the case, many times I recommend orthotics so we can level the pelvis allowing the spine to have a better base to move on. But most times a short leg can also be functional. A common example of this would be a collapsed arch or a flat foot. Do you have a history of having flat feet? A recommendation to a podiatrist may be the final cluee in solving the puzzle of your low back issues. I find many of my low back pain patients also have flat feet or ankle and knee problems. It’s important to consider the foundation of a spinal problem, not just the location of the pain. As a chiropractor, I pay attention to where the pain is located, but also consider that other joints nearby may be affecting your recovery as well.

Spring is here but it’s hard to spring, if your back is sprung. Don’t spend your up coming Memorial Day weekend, moaning and groaning with back pain. Call the office today so you can enjoy this beautiful weather.

May is Perfect Posture Month. By using good postural habits while doing everyday activities, you apply physical stresses in a way that helps the bone remodel in a healthy way. Osteoblasts make the matrix that mineralizes into bone. Osteoclasts reabsorb the bone. This is a constant process that happens every day, all day long in response to stress that causes microfractures and hormones that call for calcium level changes in the blood. This is called remodeling. Your bones are a reflection of your life and of your health habits. They change with time and age just like you do. Treat them well and they will support and protect you for a lifetime.

Can’t think of that perfect gift for a friend or family member? During December, buy a one hour massage gift certificate for $65 an receive a half hour gift certificate for free. This is a great way to stretch your Holiday dollars or to give yourself a little bonus.

Because so many people do suffer from back pain, the government appointed a panel to discuss the most EFFECTIVE treatments for low back pain. They found that chiropractic care “can be helpful with acute low back pain” while bedrest, many types of injections and several presciption medications were found to be not as effective or ineffective.

It is a common misconception among the general public that a “pinched nerve” is always technically pinched. Many times, there is no direct pressure on the nerve but the disc next to the nerve is inflamed and this causes a chemical irritation to the nerve that mimics direct pressure. These cases respond well to chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Physical exercise, especially band exercises or weight bearing exercises like walking and water exercise are essential to balancing the way the body recycles bone. Getting consistent physical activity that contracts muscle through a full range of motion helps the body maintain bone density even in the elderly. No bones about it. .just as your waistline reflects how you move and eat, your bone cells also are a direct reflection of your nutritional choices and physical activity

Most of us think of bones as those things we see at Halloween. In truth, bone is a living matrix that is constantly changing. Bone health is more than taking calcium or drinking milk. Good bone health requires several things to be in balance. Moving from a diet high in meats and sugars to one with lots of green leafy vegetable and fruits maintains better bone density than adding milk

Glucosamine seems to boost the pain relief from ibuprofen, suggesting a way to help people with arthritis. With this combination you can use a lower dose of ibuprofen which should cause less stomach irritation. It has been shown to greatly relieve the mobility problems of those with osteoarthritis. It also helps slow the deterioration process, repairing bone and cartilage damage and reducing inflammation. (Source: The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.).

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