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It’s Mind & Body day at the Wisconsin Athletic Club this Saturday. Not only can you sample a variety of yoga and Pilates classes, you can also enter to win a free initial consultation and acupuncture session from me! (North Shore location)
Kelly Ripa tries acupuncture for congestion, while Michael Strahan gets a cupping treatment for his back pain.
Mind/body Day is on January 25th at the WAC North Shore. Enjoy a fun morning of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. Also, I”ll be there talking about the benefits of acupuncture.
Acupuncture By Alana, Glendale, Wisconsin. 429 likes · 4 were here. Acupuncture By Alana is the Traditional Chinese Medicine private practice owned and…

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    Crystal S.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    Alana is an amazing individual! I feel so very blessed to have her apart of not only my recent cancer journey, but also everyday balance and overall maintenance. She exceeds all expectations in every aspect and always goes above and beyond. She can even travel to you! She continues to research and educate herself in regards to your symptoms that you are experiencing and takes an active approach to your well being. She truly cares and listens wholeheartedly. She can pinpoint things that I did not even know were possible to address! I would recommend her to everyone and anyone, not only for health issues…but overall balance and well being. She has been a huge asset in my recovery, as well as my cancer-free diagnosis. I look forward to a lifetime of utilizing her expertise!

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    Jodi B.

    Los Angeles, CA

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    Having dealt with chronic digestive problems for several years, I had tried everything as a means to help alleviate symptoms, and “cure” this ailment.
    After another year of frustrating diagnoses, and multiple pills that not only had horrible side effects, but did not work, I decided to try Acupuncture.
    I will admit I was skeptical, but my feelings changed after my first appointment with Alana.

    Not only did Alana take the time to conduct a thorough and personal account of my medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms, she did so in a manner that made me feel at ease
    I did not feel as though just another Dr. or specialist was chalking my symptoms up to the same “textbook examples” provided for each set illness, but I really felt that she listened and tried to draw up a complete prognosis for me as a whole.

    I felt a bit better after my first treatment, and congestion due to allergies (not the primary cause for me seeking treatment) was completed alleviated after just one session!
    After the second and third treatments, in conjunction with the herbs prescribed, my digestive problems were drastically reduced and much improved..something I thought I was “Just going to have to live with” is now not a burden every day.

    I highly recommend Alana for her skill, expertise, wonderful demeanor, and also the amazing results her treatments provide!!

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    S B.

    Los Angeles, CA

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    Thorough, professional–yet personable. В I went for treatment of joint pain that had persisted for several months, and felt a great deal better almost immediately. В Sessions are physically and mentally relaxing and rewarding. В Highly recommended.

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    Virginia B.

    Los Angeles, CA

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    As a clinician in a major medical center, I had some skepticism about the effectiveness of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but I went hoping for relief from stress-related muscle tension and GI issues. Alana was as skilled and compassionate health care professional as I have encountered. After taking a detailed health history and making her initial assessments, Alana began the acupuncture treatments with great skill and gentleness, providing both the TCM and Western medical explanations for the placement of each needle and it’s effect. After a relaxing session, Alana discussed her recommendations for a course of treatment and made arrangements to provide a Superbill for insurance reimbursement.

    Visiting Acupuncture by Alana has been a wonderful addition to my health care plan and general well-being. I experienced relief during the first session and in the days following, and when I came in for a later session with a cold, Alana was able to provide relief for the acute symptoms and strengthen my immune system while still addressing the initial medical conditions.

    I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

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