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(608) 783-7771


500 Fanta Reed Pl,
La Crosse, WI 54603

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Why can’t my life get better! I hate the being alone!!!

Yay about a 1 hour 15 mins I’ll be done with work.

Ok I just got hit in the head by a bat at work scared the heck out of me.

Arrived @ consignee a Lil early nobody here nap time

Well was really tired last night but here I am in LaCrosse WI. deliver tmr then over into MN to pickup another one. Thank you all for your prayers while I was sick. hate those bladder and kidney infections. I continue to lift u all to Jesus daily. LOVE YA FB family. IN CHRIST I RIDE!!!!

I make it home

Well delivered my load early so now weather permitting I am off to Eau Claire Wi to pick up a load from Menards for delivery to Normal IL & Forsyth IL both due to be delivered tomorrow

Well I got here.Just waiting now to deliver @ 0500 tomorrow.

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