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Todd Rosiak
@ Todd_Rosiak
Lohse tosses a 1-2-3 fifth. Brewers trail, 3-0, heading to the sixth.

MyNBA Stewie309
@ Stewie309
Here was my final spot and rewards with yep you guessed it a 1 slot PO again #
MyNBA2K15 pic.twitter.com/WVaOsFI2Gh

Potawatomi Casino
@ paysbig
Way to go, Barbara! She just won over $57,000 on a $1 Aftershock machine. Another #
PotawatomiWinner and JACKPOT! pic.twitter.com/1HTvEh3gmK

Everett Schulter
@ Evart0
I wanna be a 1 hit internet wonder

@ iamdonsword
Come on friends pls n RT or FAV this tweet 15 times if you want me to make a 1 million Legion Tokens video.

BATS Fastpitch
@ BATSFastpitch
BATS18U opens with a 1-0 WIN over EC Bullets (GA), behind combined SO by Sicard & Van Duyse, great D & clutch hitting by Schulz. #

Aaron San Filippo
@ AeornFlippout
Surprise! We just launched a $1.99 DLC for Race The Sun on Steam: https://youtu.be/Fv3tDuu_U74Buy it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/378731/

Tucker Clark
@ TuckerTClark
My brother says I cant get my nephew a Vape pen for Christmas so if anyone has any other gift ideas for a 1 month old baby let me know

Mike Ricci
@ MikeRicci5
Hammels no hitting the Cubs, then getting traded to the Cubs only to pitch terribly in a 1 game playoff for the Cubs. Most Cubs outcome?

Todd Rosiak
@ Todd_Rosiak
Phoenix, AZ
Nelson finishes up seven shutout innings with a 1-0 lead. Terrific outing for him tonight.

Clinton LumberKings
@ LumberKings
Steven Sabatino with a 1-2-3 inning. Clinton has been no-hit over the first 6 innings. 0-0, B6

@ bxknits
Well, you know the old saying…Cambridge Inc.3.A.1.8[37]https://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/view/PR-INC-00003-A-00001-00008-00037/756… pic.twitter.com/FjGaPTqafI

@ bxknits
HidingCambridge Inc.3.A.1.8[37]https://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/view/PR-INC-00003-A-00001-00008-00037/304… pic.twitter.com/VyoLhUiYwn

Evan Flood
@ Evan_Flood
WisconsinPGC hangs on for a 1-point win. Kobe King had 19 points. #

Bill Gloff
@ billgloff
Lake in the Hills, IL
Want to learn #
ReactJS? OPI is offering a 1 day ReactJS Workshop on August 20 in #
Chicago Register here: https://ow.ly/31kCUm

Danilo Palma
@ estantedodan
View translation
Lá no canal, resenha do livro O DEMONOLOGISTA de @
andrewpyper lançado pela parceira querida @
DarkSideBooks https://youtu.be/bK7I_Tx7qzw

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
The Demonologist one of 23 Underrated Horror Books You Have to Read ASAP. So theres your summer reading. @
SimonBooks https://www.buzzfeed.com/annakopsky/underrated-horror-books-to-spook-ya#.ymrkBwzgje…

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Got walkie-talkies for camping. Now being used to call me down from the office for lunch. As close to a military operation as writing gets.

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Im among 13 Brilliant Authors You Didnt Know Are Canadian. But I bathe in maple syrup! https://www.buzzfeed.com/cylapanin/authors-you-probably-didnt-know-are-canadian?utm_term=.xyaK8oDPrZ… via @

Colin Ellis
@ ColinEllis81
andrewpyper on his novel The Damned and the success of horror in popular culture https://ow.ly/OZyar pic.twitter.com/NXD8UeGASz

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Talking about The Damned, scary stories, genre fiction, and the food court walking dead. @
SimonSchusterCA @
SimonBooks https://tvo.org/video/214959/andrew-pyper-horror-show…

The Agenda | TVO
@ TheAgenda
Whats your favourite horror story? Tonight, we discuss what attracts us to horror with author @
andrewpyper at 8. pic.twitter.com/YKldQZwHhl

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Dear Ontario Friday Night Stay-at-Homers! I talk about The Damned and writing the supernatural at 8 and 11 tonight on TVO The Agenda.

Brea Grant
@ breagrant
Andrew Pypers The Damned was a good read. Although I dont suggest reading it at night alone in your house.

@ CoreyRedekop
fridayreads THE DAMNED by @
andrewpyper. Damned good.

Sharif Khan
@ SharifKhanBooks
Sharif Khan retweeted Canada Council

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Another side effect of the Age of Phone Gazing: pretending you didnt notice your dog crapping in park/somebodys lawn.

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Given the success of recent Harper Lee and Dr Seuss releases my next book will be preceded by long lost before every mention.

Robert J Wiersema
@ robertjwiersema
andrewpyper me too. pic.twitter.com/arw7smCPf0

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
I see those pictures of Pluto and feel so lonely.

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Great photo by Anna Hergert inspired by The Guardians on display in Moose Jaw. pic.twitter.com/qmT5I97wzI

The Mind Reels
@ MindReels
The Demonologist (2013) – Andrew Pyper https://themindreels.com/2015/07/22/the-demonologist-2013-andrew-pyper… pic.twitter.com/4QhGUWLXms

Andrew Pyper
@ andrewpyper
Yall, Im on @
TheAgenda on TVO this coming Friday evening. I talk about genre fiction, its usefulness and the prejudices it bears.

Eileen the Ellen
@ Ellem__
“Sometimes people close a door because they’re trying to figure out a way to get you to knock.” ― Andrew Pyper pic.twitter.com/bb8E0wRWmO

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