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HWY 29 & Cty Hwy T,
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Meetings, Parties, Weddings,

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Mon – Fri. 6:30 Am – 9:30 Pm
Sat. 7:30 Am – 9:30 Pm
Sun. 7:30 Am – 8:30 Pm

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Going to be part of the Wedding Fair at the 29 Pines Conference Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sunday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. to share our fabulous vintage photo booths to rent for all occasions, especially a wedding celebration — 場所: 29 Pines

Had a really great time with Shawn Best at 29 ‪#‎swiswimmingandrelaxinghellyes‬.

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29 pines family restaurant and lodge bar image image image

The menu has a large array of items sure to please everyone. Provides catering inside the banquet center that. Pines Family Restaurant and Lodge Bar.
Sleep Inn & Suites Conference Center.
Weddings we’ve had on site so far this year! Keep me logged in. It’s Fish Fry Friday!
Gather your family and friends and come on out for a great dinner!
Not only are we giving away all these extras for free we are now offering our packages at 50% off for a New Years Eve Wedding!
Savings on your wedding day. My daughter had ordered a drink but actually couldn’t even drink it since her mom showed up early and she had to go. I had to pay for her drink, no big deal only 2 bucks wasted.
I am no chef but i do know how to make a plate of spaghetti and when they brought it over the sauce was very watery and the meatballs were all burned on the bottom, they turned them face down maybe thinking i would never look or something.
The noodles were so water logged i could see why the sauce was so watery. I had maybe 3 bites and then set it aside and went and had some more salad since that was included with my meal. My fiance’s food was not well done, it had alot of pink which i personally don’t mind so we didn’t complain about that, not that it would of mattered.
When i sent my food back the waitress who had been good until this point just asked what the matter was, i explained, and then she said she would let him know. When(…)

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Dino Corvino
@ CitizenDino
Wisconsin, USA
Butch Walker weekend (@ 29 Pines Restaurant in Eau Claire, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/84jdXMDvRc1

Dino Corvino
@ CitizenDino
Wisconsin, USA
Where the fuck am I? (@ 29 Pines Restaurant in Eau Claire, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2UwHmIJOswu

@ kriedel69
Wisconsin, USA
Dave ziens bikes have arrived at 29 Pines pic.twitter.com/fiVdyO8Cyq

Megan P
@ mnhockeyfan
Wisconsin, USA
Drinking a Michelob Golden Draft Light by @
AnheuserBusch @ 29 Pines Restaurant — https://untpd.it/s/c118138164

Megan P
@ mnhockeyfan
Wisconsin, USA
Drinking a Honey Weiss by @
Leinenkugels @ 29 Pines Restaurant — https://untpd.it/s/c118138057

Justine Dachel
@ jusdachel
Wisconsin, USA
After the incredible wedding! Yay Torina and Luke! @ 29 Pines Restaurant and The Lodge https://instagram.com/p/sWbN8xTM22/

@ getlikekech
Wheaton, WI
Im at 29 Pines Restaurant (Eau Claire, WI) https://4sq.com/1mTJWu0

ⓗⓐⓓⓨⓝ ⓗⓔⓑⓔⓡⓣ
@ HadynHebert
Tilden, WI
“if you ever think MacDons is a weird hang out spot, my 20 year brother spends his free time in the hot tub at 29 Pines ” @

Kris Peterson
@ kpeterson53
Eau Claire, WI
(@ 29 Pines) https://ow.ly/1NPQJ8 Posting live … Spinnin Beatz DJing Geiser wedding!

@ mrRodgersHood12
29 Pines Restaurant
The Goettl & Hubert Reception. Congrats Freddy (@ 29 Pines) https://4sq.com/r8EV2m

Jess 
@ ItsMeJBird
29 Pines Restaurant
Im at 29 Pines https://4sq.com/iED9ca

29 Pines Restaturant
@ 29PinesEC
What are you going to be for Halloween? We want to see you! Stop out at 29 Pines for Loopys pre party special. Give us a call for details!!

29 Pines Restaturant
@ 29PinesEC
Planning on going out for this Halloween? Let us be your desinated driver and join us for Loopys Halloween Special pre party at 29 Pines!

29 Pines Restaturant
@ 29PinesEC
Doing anything this Halloween, join us and check out our Loopy Halloween Special by visting, www.sleepinneauclaire.com.

29 Pines Restaturant
@ 29PinesEC
Get ready for game day and watch the Packers play at 29 Pines, great drink specials and more!

Also Known As

29 Pines Family Restaurant

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