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The Workforce Development Center provides hiring, training, retaining and expansion services to job seekers and employers. The organization also helps in career planning, job searching, schooling, economic support and re-training. It specializes in integrated MIS systems, K-12 school systems and financial arrangements for building, finance, construction and ownership. The organization provides services to clients in the Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties. The Workforce Development Center has partnerships with ResCare Workforce Services, Kaiser Group, Washington County Department of Social Services and The Threshold Incorporated, among others.

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Mon – Fri. 8:00 Am – 4:30 Pm

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Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Workforce Development Center offers free welding training: The Workforce Development Centers Water Accelerator…

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Workforce Development Center hosting WashingtonOzaukee job fair: The Workforce Development Center will host a…

@ marissaaielloo
Racine, WI
This bitch at the workforce development center is a fucking cunt

Thomas P. Leisle Jr.
Pewaukee, WI
FORWARDmke at WOW (@ Workforce Development Center in Pewaukee, WI)

@ djjsvi38tj
Waukesha, WI
I just became the mayor of Workforce development center on @

David Johnson
@ ReverendJohnson
Oshkosh, WI
Reactive budgeting… 3%?! @ Oshkosh Area Workforce Development Center

@ bradschjoth
Oshkosh Area Workforce Dev
Im at Oshkosh Area Workforce Development Center (Oshkosh, WI)

@ jspears1980
State of Wi Workforce Development Center (Wash)
Im at Workforce Development Center (West Bend, Wisconsin)

Perry Duman
@ qaz53074
Mequon, WI
I just ousted Jessica C. as the mayor of Workforce Development Center on @

@ BigStarHero
Workforce Development Ctr
Im at Workforce Development Center – Building W (892 Main St, at WCTC, Pewaukee)

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