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Repair Breakdowns can create havoc with any manufacturing schedule. WIMS provides its’ customers with quick response for service when downtime is measured in lost production hours. Whether the repair requires part replacement on remanufacturing, the WIMS staff of machine and service technicians are experienced in the most cost effective and efficient techniques that will ensure the quality and long-term repair of your machine. Rebuild Rebuilding begins with analysis. All machines are completely dismantled, cleaned and inspected to determine the amount of damage and wear. After this inspection, a determination is made which parts need to be remanufactured or repaired. Then the WIMS staff of technicians literally remanufactures your machine to performance standards that you would expect from new. Retrofit By definition, is the ‘upgrade of a machine’ to furnish it with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at t he time of manufacture. WIMS has been a pioneer of this concept its’ staff of technicians utilize innovative technology and experience with applicable choices of the latest PC hardware and software designed especially for the rigorous industrial environment. Let WIMS technicians explain the features and benefits of automating your retrofit. *Able To Work At Your Site *Over 30 Years Of Service

Wisconsin Industrial Machine Service is committed to provide its customers with the value-added service of analyzing, advising, engineering and implementing solutions that will enhance the repair – rebuild – retrofit of your machine that meet or exceed the original OEM specifications.

It Begins With Service
Service is never more paramount than when it’s needed. When that happens, WIMS will be there, because we know that customer satisfaction is directly proportionate to the responsiveness and service of their immediate need. For over 30 years, Wisconsin Industrial Machine Service, Inc. has forged a solid reputation and leadership position. This success story was founded in the commitment to quality and pride of craftsmanship that has been established as standard of operating procedure at WIMS.

Our experienced staff of service, technicians are driven by the ongoing challenge to Repair or Rebuild machines that will meet or exceed the original OEM specifications. With a RETROFIT, we take that machine one step farther… making it an “overachiever” by upgrading it into the technical realm of the 21st century.

The WIMS Field Service Team provides on-site-analysis, repair, dismantling, set-up and training on the machine modifications. Whether it is a breakdown or planned outage, our goal is to keep your manufacturing equipment on-line, efficient and accurate to your tolerance expectations.

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Wisconsin Industrial Machine Service, Inc. Did your machine breakdown? Call Wisconsin Industrial Machine Service!
Our goal is to keep your manufacturing equipment on-line, efficient and accurate to your tolerance expectations.
For over 40 years, Wisconsin Industrial Machine Service, Inc.
21500 Doral Rd Waukesha, WI 53186.
(262) 784-2300
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