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W9833 Hogan Rd,
Portage, WI 53901

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Go to our website to find farms, retail lots, supplies, or Christmas trees.
Your source for accurate information about farm grown Christmas trees in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association. If A Tree Falls In The Woods We Are The Ones Who Hear It. Just this past weekend we had our winter convention and wreath contest. Growers came to learn and to network with others, to buy supplies and some also entered wreaths into the annual contest.. One of our members, Tim Kopp has this Christmas tree stand in Oklahoma. Winter birds love having a tree close to the feeder.
This recycled Christmas tree will stay in the back yard until spring.
Then it will go to the brush pile to decay.. Great Lakes Timber Professionals Community Outreach. Tree and wreath presentation at Capitol. Christmas trees in the fields.
The forest is our home. These juncos like to feed on the ground.
There also was a small rodent, maybe a mouse, that poked his head through the snow to grab a seed.

9833 Hogan Rd Portage, WI 53901.
9833 Hogan Rd, Portage, WI 53901.
(608) 742-8663

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Becky Fitzgerald
@ RKFitz
Milwaukee, WI
A Wisconsin Christmas tree dream #
PabstChristmasTree @
JacksonsBRP pic.twitter.com/26MBU1M3ou

Sara Hutcheson
@ SaraHutcheson
West Allis, WI
Its not a Wisconsin Christmas tree unless you have multiple cow ornaments… #
Wisconsinproblems #
dairychristmas pic.twitter.com/LN9HmlOo

Nick Novak
@ NickBNovak
Bristol, WI
RT @
joefadness: The State of Wisconsin Christmas tree looks great this year! pic.twitter.com/IES73Wqb

Wisconsin Star
@ wisconsin_star
Wisconsin Christmas tree heading to Washington: &lt,br&gt,Next years White House Christmas Tree will be from Wiscon… http://tinyurl.com/pkg45vs

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Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Assoc

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