Wild Flour


(262) 642-1816


W2463 County Road Es,
East Troy, WI 53120

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We love your products but we think you forgot the molasses in the molasses cookies today.

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Wild Flour in East Troy - Restaurant
People love many things about Wild Flour.
Hello and welcome to Wild Flour in East Troy. You can be sure to find.
-The Best Sandwiches in town -Great coffee and espresso drinks-Homemade soup -Real. Wild Flour in East Troy. Great food close to alpine!

2463 County Rd ES East Troy, WI 53120.
(262) 642-1816

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DineHere.us @dine_here Milwaukee, WI Wild Flour Bakery & Cafe http://1563522.dinehere.us/?photos=1 #Milwaukee #goodmorningamerica #goodmorningmotherfuckers pic.twitter.com/V2XJ8nE4hM
Roxie Beane @roxiebeane Milwaukee, WI Starving! #oink (@ Wild Flour Bakery & Cafe in Milwaukee, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/58NNa3G8mZI
Adam VanderVeen @acvanderveen Milwaukee, WI Refuge #smoothieselfie (@ Wild Flour Bakery) http://4sq.com/W7QKwy pic.twitter.com/gaXqfjTt2L
Maxamegalon2000 @Maxamegalon2000 Milwaukee, WI #Bread (@ Wild Flour Bakery) https://www.swarmapp.com/maxamegalon2000/checkin/53a458e9498e65038addd739?s=IX_agptFoXji7u8B1Xeq8iGXwME&ref=tw…
Maxamegalon2000 @Maxamegalon2000 Milwaukee, WI #Courting #jk (@ Wild Flour Bakery w/ 2 others) https://www.swarmapp.com/maxamegalon2000/checkin/53932c42498ebeaa9251f44b?s=3-N2r_pxjdtEkkjBN5AA7fIYyys&ref=tw…
Jamie Breiwick @jamiebreiwick Milwaukee, WI Spotted two @bsidegraphics posters while out & about : ) @ Wild Flour Bakery http://instagram.com/p/mLkPb4KcOv/
Lee OHanlon @LeeoftheJungle Milwaukee, WI Blowing off work to have a late breakfast with my dad at our favorite vegan bakery. (@ Wild Flour Bakery) http://4sq.com/1fdFWRY
Michael Damond @MichaelDamond Milwaukee, WI $5 breakfast sandwiches, made while you wait and filling. Great value! (@ Wild Flour Bakery w/ 3 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/18Fgrto
Ren Davis @ren_studio29 Milwaukee, WI Breakfast sandwiches with my favorite (@ Wild Flour Bakery w/ @mrderrieremke) http://4sq.com/1fGrh1e
Lee OHanlon @LeeoftheJungle Milwaukee, WI Amazing breakfast (@ Wild Flour Bakery) http://4sq.com/1dPhvwv
Lee OHanlon @LeeoftheJungle Milwaukee, WI Im at Wild Flour Bakery (Milwaukee, WI) http://4sq.com/1a78e1d
Vanessa Lenz @VanaLenz Wisconsin, USA True Wisco boy #cheesecurds #easttroyfarmersmarket #wisconsin #decaturdairy @ Wild Flour Bakery http://instagram.com/p/czzC74EuSx/
Vanessa Lenz @VanaLenz Wisconsin, USA So many choices #easttroyfarmersmarket @ Wild Flour Bakery http://instagram.com/p/bHj0BUkuV1/
Heather [sapphiRe] @sapphiReCSGO Wild Flour Bakery & Cafe Chicken mandarin cashew salad. Nom nom… (@ Wild Flour Bakery & Cafe) http://4sq.com/145hcZl
Wild Flour Bakery @WildFlourCakes cakes of the weekhttp://blog.blamethemoon.com/2009/06/caked.html
Wild Flour Bakery @WildFlourCakes WE LOVE SHEET CAKES!http://bit.ly/GuXAv
Wild Flour Bakery @WildFlourCakes The Wild Flour Bakery name was taken!!! Sooo I guess well be known on Twitter as WildFlourCakes…well, cake IS what we love most….
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Isnt the best way to end a summer weekend on the water with some good food that requires almost no work? Lake… http://fb.me/4iHhnrTsP
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/6IInjNKWA
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Social Media Saturday tomorrow! We will be at Kenosha HarborMarket, Waukesha Farmers Market, West Bend Farmers… http://fb.me/3fMNNgYpb
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Ooooohhhhhhj, its Friday nite and we are preparing for tomorrows mkts!! There are muffins baking, elephant ears… http://fb.me/3Qd9R7GsX
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Oh yes! Karlee is on it! http://fb.me/7qosPySdQ
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Big, exciting day!!! I started therapy today, no not kind of therapy, the kind where I am starting to learn how… http://fb.me/1YuawIcPk
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour They say the heat wave will be over, but not the humidity.?? When its like this, grilling and salad is the best… http://fb.me/51kr0XDJy
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/4j11fy8Q6
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Have you tried Dollys Wild Flour Brittle? If not, why not? I never thought I would say this in Wisconsin (I… http://fb.me/6DG4cHMGZ
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour What are you going to get at the Farmers Mkt????
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Tomorrow is mkt day in a big way! We will be at Kenosha HarborMarket, Waukesha Farmers Market, West Bend mkt,… http://fb.me/1ZecQkTac
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Its Friday. Eat a cupcake. Or two. (The cannoli cupcake looks divine.) Win a Classy Girl Cupcakes cupcake. Tell… http://fb.me/6Fyxsyi7F
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Getting ready for Social Media Saturday! Post something like, I am on my way to the New Berlin Farmers Market or… http://fb.me/3Rb7RcjB8
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour We love Oscars Pub & Grill (Wild Flour) buns. Doesnt this make you hungry? Dont feel like cooking tonight?… http://fb.me/3HzzKzGD4
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour The art and science of breadmaking – Dolly and her team have mastered it. I love these mold thingies that the… http://fb.me/zlUVRhKu
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour http://fb.me/7Fb2sqAsg
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour A work friend and I went to the West Allis Farmers Market at lunch. We had thought we would eat there, but Wild… http://fb.me/7uZ07jUvk
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Come join us tomorrow at Mukwanago mkt. Nina is our mkt girl there and she is great. She volunteers at the zoo in… http://fb.me/4f80pZyxx
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour This is what the cranberry-walnut toast I had for supper last night looked like the night before. Raw bread. It… http://fb.me/7oSHnRdTU
Wild Flour Bakery @TheWildFlour Hi everyone! Great news, I start therapy this week. I thought I broke two bones when in fact I broke three!! I… http://fb.me/6JiXOKai5

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Also Known As

Wild Flour Bakery

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