(847) 854-6760


3965 Thornberry Way,
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

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White Castle - Fast Food Restaurant
Its an experience that transcends time, space and sometimes, rational thought. Our unique approach has made our food the answer to what you crave. White Castle is more than a company. Centre At Lake In the Hills.
Lake in the Hills.
It is what it is great for late night especially if you were closing out morretris across the street just walk over. Went through 6 complete rolls of toliet paper.
Didn't even bother tearing of the sheets just used the whole thing.

(847) 854-6760

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Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller Mmmm…dinner :) http://instagr.am/p/G4YQo1kd-N/
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller Oh my gosh! I love this! http://pinterest.com/pin/56365432806185297/… via @pinterest
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller #AFanIsSomeoneWho acts crazy, obsessive, and possessive.
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller Chocolate milk. Mmm…yummy :)
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller “@iHeartbroken_: I dont eat, I dont sleep, I do nothing but think about you.” This is a really creepy tweet. Just sayin. 
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller You post something on Facebook.Your friend likes it.5 minutes later you get on Twitter and they tweet your post like it was there idea….
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller #YouShouldNeverTrust your ex-bestfriend with a secret.
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller Yes mom…I would LOVE to come do my dishes. Thank you for coming and telling me right before I go to bed. Love you too.
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller @FreddyAmazin I literally fell on the floor laughing… #ROFL
Its,MWGAN @morgannekeller *Set your alarm clock for 5* *goes off* *turn it off* *wake up at 6:30* Oops…
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Rene @Rene YES you can use my laptop, just let me clear my history first.
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GirlsLibrary ღ @GirlsLibrary Reading the same sentence 5 times because your mind is wandering.
Comedy Tweets @TheComedyJokes That really long sarcastic, “Hahahahaha” before you say, “NO”
Perfect Sayings™ @PerfectIyQuoted My room never stays clean for more than a day.

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