The Haunted Mansion


(608) 254-7513


112 Broadway,
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

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Kami Kostelny @krambly Crystal Lake, IL The use of the Haunted Mansion theme in Inside Out was a nice touch
Samantha M. Turner @chickennjojos Richfield, MN @Charles_HRH listen its The Haunted Mansion with eddie murphy tune in now.
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle The Biebs gets slapped with a paternity suit. Damn fame whores show up weekly at my doorsteps too! #AssCastle #RespectTheBieberAndBeaver
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Kim K stops by to say hi last Friday night, files divorce papers first thing monday. Coincidence? #AssCastle #ImBlackerThanHumphries
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle What happened last night? Woke up and the thing that gives me that warm feeling all over has gone missing? #AssCastle #MissingMicrowave
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story. Both end up wrinkled on my floor!! #AssCastle #PantyDroppers
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Just so everyone knows…I am the 1% #OccupyTheAssCastle in under 12 hours!
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Apparently @enclave has its House of Horrors on Saturday. Well, Im having my own House of bash on Friday!! #AssCastle #HouseOfWhores
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle @Rainz1402 Get on your hands and knees and start blowing the dead guy. Put his clothes back on when youre done. #AssCastle #Tradition
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle I love when Santa comes to my bash. Ladies always turning their heads thinking they hear their name being called! #AssCastle #HoHoHo
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle @__neff Dont think. Just do what feels natural and whatever feels good. Thats our mantra. #AssCastle #JustTheTip
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle @__neff I see it. I see everything. To quote Ghostbusters: Im the invisible man sleeping in your bed! #AssCastle #WhereTheMagicHappens
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle As I get older, the girls that visit me stay the same age. As @hartonc15 gets older…well, hes just like me!! #AssCastle
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Anyone know what today is? Thats right…#HumpDay!! #AssCastle
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle @imkatethegreat continues to treat me like a dress up barbie. I scared myself looking in the mirror. #AssCastle
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle My bestie, Vag! He doesnt say much but the ladies love him. #AssCastle #Gargoyle
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Predict in exactly 100 hours from now first names go up on make-out list. Smart $ on @jamiekadlac or @imkatethegreat guests. #AssCastle
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Amateurs!!… Ok, not really. Combining the words soul and mate. #AssCastleIsInLove
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle #AssCastle boys already view women as pieces of meat. God wanted man to eat McRibs, hence he took one of our ribs!
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle I like pictures of pretty girls giving the peace sign over their mouth with tongues out. #AssCastle #PeaceBeWithYou
The Haunted Mansion @AssCastle Only thing good about this Monday is my countdown for my bash gets under 100 Hours at 9 p.m. this evening!! #AssCastle #PartyTime

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