Ten Pin Alley


(608) 845-1010


6285 Nesbitt Rd,
Fitchburg, WI 53719

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Pounders Pub, Fitchburg, Wisconsin. 209 likes | 1 talking about this | 45 were here. Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife.

Today's lunch special is Sloppy Joe

Today's lunch special is chicken over rice

Today's lunch special is deli sandwich with a cup of soup

Today's lunch special is Fish N Chips

Today's lunch special is Meat Lasagna with A Side Salad and a Stix

Today's lunch special is Meatball Sub

The Beer In Hand Tournament Is Full. See Everyone at 10:30 am On Saturday.

Today's lunch special is TACO BAR

Today's lunch special is Grilled Cheese and a cup of tomato soup

Today's lunch special is Fish N Chips

We are now hiring part time bartenders. Stop in and grab an application today.

Today's lunch special is Country Fried Steak with mashed, gravy and a veggie

Today's lunch special is 3 sliders

A great atmosphere, with the best bartenders!

Great place to relax and enjoy good food,good drinks and awesome friends. .

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Ten Pin Alley - Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley, Sports Bar.
Bought my own bowling ball from here 10 months ago. I bowl in two leagues here and everything is great - all. I bowl in two leagues here and everything is great - all staff and facility!
Use your Belly rewards card to obtain free food or drinks!
I've bowled here for three years, and this is a high quality establishment - clean, efficient, friendly. Also has a variety of discounts and special promotioins - ask at the desk when you arrive. Wonderful bowling alley but its always cram packed unless you come during they day. Thumb grew a bit and they refitted my ball for me free of charge - didn't even show a receipt or anything!
A large bowling alley. Nifty system where you can have bumpers pop up for certain players (i.e., kids). The place seemed pretty clean and well run. Best burgers n pizza I have ever had.

6285 Nesbitt Rd Fitchburg, WI 53719.
(608) 845-1010

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Kollyn Beyer @KBeyer922 Fitchburg, WI Beautiful day to go 1-8 in beach volleyball @ Ten Pin Alley https://instagram.com/p/5lNSrrhzFb/
Madison WI Buzz @MadisonWIBuzz Band On The Patio: Friday, July 24, 2015 at 7:00pm – 11:00pm Ten Pin Alley Stop in and watch Old School Oldies on… http://dlvr.it/BczLwv
Phil Finocchiaro @PhillyDawg87 Fitchburg, WI Im at Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2GvHrvERbte
Evän Kiñg @evantking Fitchburg, WI That kinda night….#lineuptheshots #birthdaycelebration #arewethereyet @ Ten Pin Alley https://instagram.com/p/3Vh4JYL5lk/
Sara Tetzloff @que_sara Fitchburg, WI Bowling for Kids Sake (@ Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/0PF9bCjy3yv
Lisa Newhouse @SmplyEssntlHlth Fitchburg, WI Having fun at Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg! Come join us! pic.twitter.com/PuTha75Vf7
The Conroys @littleconroy Fitchburg, WI Lena Conroy. Bowling champion. @ Ten Pin Alley https://instagram.com/p/zqYJByxCJD/
Sur Boosington @SurBoosington Fitchburg, WI Warshington approves. – Drinking a Lust Weissbier by @stfrancisbrew @ Ten Pin Alley — http://untp.beer/s/c137879198 #photo
Sur Boosington @SurBoosington Fitchburg, WI Go Pack Go!! – Drinking a KCCO Gold Lager by @ResignationBrew @ Ten Pin Alley — http://untp.beer/s/c136083286 #photo
Shawn Beamon @OreoBeamon Fitchburg, WI And yes…that was a strike! @ Ten Pin Alley http://instagram.com/p/u4aLRwFBTk/
Shawn Beamon @OreoBeamon Fitchburg, WI Finishing the night here after a great dinner with Rebecca (@ Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/lQVLS9hHKEE
ғallon ѕ @FallyAlly Fitchburg, WI A drinking sport (@ Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/1vUOTYy8O5k
Michael Baldwin @4thngol Fitchburg, WI Drinking an Oktoberfest by @pointbrewery @ Ten Pin Alley — http://untpd.it/s/c119476198
JMH @jmillerhendry Fitchburg, WI Leigh has some room to improve. @ Ten Pin Alley http://instagram.com/p/sBLeSlJDd3/
Ryan Orr @RyanOrr13 Wisconsin, USA Its been a while. – Drinking a Spotted Cow by @newglarusbeer @ Ten Pin Alley — http://untpd.it/s/c105817670
Jess Unavailable @jessunavailable Wisconsin, USA Drinking an Oud Bruin by @newglarusbeer @ Ten Pin Alley Outdoor Patio — http://untpd.it/s/c102205573 #photo
Rico Swab @ricoswab Wisconsin, USA Drinking a Miller Lite by @MillerCoors @ Ten Pin Alley — http://untpd.it/s/c99647003
Justin Couperus @jmcoupe Wisconsin, USA Throwing balls at hard long hard objects. (@ Ten Pin Alley) http://4sq.com/1rkResF
Irish Nagel @iajewell Wisconsin, USA He loves me, I promise @ Ten Pin Alley http://instagram.com/p/pC1je0zKzM/
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Lane resurfacing. Started last night. http://fb.me/3VMyrRKgB
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Fall Bowling League details are now online! They include:- Saturday Morning Kids League- Sunday Night Fun… http://fb.me/44VG7ammH
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Shout out to Crumbz Cakery for the last minute order for a corporate client. Just picked up and they look delicious! http://fb.me/1WFXFi2vk
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Constitution Blvd (our street) is temporarily a river. No fishing and we dont recommend driving much past our… http://fb.me/7slQovuX8
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Yes, were busy.
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Limited open bowling this morning. Large group of sure-to-be well behaved, mannered and quiet kids using 10… http://fb.me/7wPSdX0nO
Stuart Osborne @stuartjosborne Hilliard, OH Had a great time curing some rainy summer evening blues! @ Ten Pin Alley and Spikes https://instagram.com/p/4-WmQUuZqp/
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Oh look, its raining. How nice.
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Prepping some bacon for the new BLT. You know, they say vegetarians live years longer. Long, horrible,… http://fb.me/7lR3GC99m
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album July Menu Features http://fb.me/3CCiTg9ea
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Picked up a little something for the staff today from Lil Donut Factory. Hope theres something left by the time… http://fb.me/2nuxg7Vnj
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley MORE rain in the forecast! Today and for the next week. This has got to be some sort of record, right? Anyway,… http://fb.me/4kwmUiy24
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Remember folks, we are CLOSED JULY 4TH!
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzFnYcIqj6I&list=RDTzFnYcIqj6I#t=7… http://fb.me/3npmoMuud
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Quiet week pass holders. No large, or major parties that could affect open bowling!
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Open bowling all day today! Just wanted to mention that, since its raining and everything. PLUS: Looking for… http://fb.me/23F7NV5JM
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley THIS WEEKEND IN HISTORY: Forty (that’s 40!) years ago tomorrow, JAWS was unleashed on an unsuspecting movie-going… http://fb.me/7i948Jw2P
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley VERY LIMITED BOWLING from noon-3pm. Large party here today from around noon to 3pm. Theyre not taking the whole… http://fb.me/45hV3hQXq
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Thanks for visiting today summer passers! We got crushed through lunch. Saw a few of those salmon specials go out… http://fb.me/37MU7jLg5
TenPinAlley @TenPinAlley Always amazed when I receive an email from the website (someone took the time to fill out the online form to… http://fb.me/20EkdXSGo

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