Schuett’s Drive-In


(920) 261-0774


510 E Main St,
Watertown, WI 53094

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Enjoying Watertown’s Riverwalk and Schuetts Ice Cream with two of my favorite kiddos! Oh, and the dog too!

A friend was unhappily confronted with this today: an employee comes out to sit and smoke by them and the NO SMOKING sign while they were trying to enjoy their ice cream ! So not right! It’s posted on her FB and I would have posted the picture but I do not see access here to do so!.

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McKenna Vogel
@ VogelMcKenna
Watertown, WI
tfk @ Schuetts Drive-In, LLC
@ dine_here
Watertown, WI
Schuetts Drive-In /… hot, local and quick

@ groof08
Watertown, WI
Im at Schuetts Drive-In (Watertown, WI)

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