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1611 N Bristol St,
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

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The Round Table - Banquet Hall

(608) 825-9195

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Rochester MN Chamber @rochmnchamber Upcoming Event: Emerging Entrepreneur Round Table – 8/5/2015
hackeragendabe @hackeragenda_be Software craftsmanship round table this Wednesday at 18:30… #BelgianSoftwareCraftsmanshipGuild
Loc Institute @LocInstitute FREE Webinar: Wed. Aug. 5-@Rockant_Inc @loriruff @paigetwilliams preview the Localizing Digital Marketing Roundtable
Robot J. McCarthy @RedScareBot TheRedMenace RT @robgreeneii The latest from @AAIHS for their Pan-Africanism and Communism round table:…
Ǥ Ø Đ Ş Ø Ɲ  @BUSHLOWENDCRAZY Minneapolis, MN sittiN @ da round table wid CEOs n sh¡t drinkiN, waitiN on pizzaz nsh¡t
Gaming & BS @gamingandbs Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at Gen Con 2015
Ronald Smith @bhantelee Nice round table discussion, high on facts & figures low on hyperbole: What happened to middle class?… via @vicenews
peter @internetuser93 @nickpitman @samstecky we should round table this
Josh Schroeder @DeaconSchroeder Spoiler: Charlie Hunnams character in Knights of the Round Table will die in the series finale when his horse crashes into a vegetable cart
Jonathan Hansen @HANSEN_SOGROOVY Next Summers Crappiest Film that no one can understand how it ever got made in the first place… Knights Of The Round Table: #KingArthur
erica @ericaneveau @debramessing To help break up ur day, Charlie Hunnam in Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur –…
Bernardo Monsrud @BernardoMonsrud First Official Look at Charlie Hunnam in Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur – …
ReleaseWire @rw_releases The Most Engaging CSR Round Table of 2015 to Launch a Certificate Program in CSR in India #pr
Amy Kahrmann Huseby @akhuseby Heres my new blog post synthesizing the @V21collectives first round table on queer temporality! Enjoy:
Appleton East DECA @AEastDECA Our chapter at Ms. Youngers round table at #COW2015
jonathan rocks @Johnmarc : @nightlyshow #KeepIt100Contest that I watch the Nightly show every night , and nobody knows , I want to be on the round table dont tell
TKK Electronics @tkkelectronics Peter Larocque stopped in the leadership boardroom for a little “Round Table” #synnex #varnext
Lee Arnold @thehatthehat Thursday, August 20th Special Evening Opening Event.WORJ Round Table with Doug Van Allen, Steve Mack, Neal…
Greg Swan @gregswan Minneapolis, MN #mimatweet round table on content strategy (at @PadillaCRT in Minneapolis, MN)
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Dont miss our latest video intrvw with our Global Ex Dir. He places the top stories of last week in a CRT context –
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Our latest video is a Weekly wrap up! Last weeks top stories with a CRT perspective —
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Dodd-Frank turned 5 this week. Watch our Global Executive Director discuss its impact and shortcomings –
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable The latest in our video series offers reflection on the fifth anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Legislation –
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Greece and the Caux Round Table Principles
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Our new post on Medium is the latest in our video interview series. Be sure to watch and subscribe!…
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Be sure to check out the latest in our video series. This one focuses on the Greek Debt Crisis. —
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Steve Young talking about Sustainable Development and the future of Capitalism.
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable “You need to inject into capitalist decision-making a sense of…” — @CauxRoundTable–share-1-77…
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Our latest video is up now! Steve Young discusses the CRTs efforts around Sustainable Development.
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Recently, Steve sent this comment on FIFA ( to our mailing list. Visit our website to signup for our mailing list!
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Those who do not know the causes of things do not know the truth and have no real knowledge. – Scire est rerum cognoscere causas
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable View translation Moral Capitalism and Cynicism —
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable The second in our video interview series – Moral Capitalism and Cynicism:
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable The second in a series of video interviews with Caux Round Table Global Executive Director, Stephen B. Young —
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable The first in a new series of video interviews with our Global Executive Director, Stephen B. Young.
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable 2014: average Wall Street bonus $172,860 – 25 increase over 2013, highest since 2007, but what did we all get from their work?
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable 2014: no slowdown in global growth but no growth in global carbon emissions from energy sector. Progress?
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable In 2030 given current trends 40% of needs for water will go unmet
Steve Young @CauxRoundTable Only one new bank in US since Dodd-Frank adopted, For 30 years prior, avg of 100 new banks a year. Now more tough for the little guys
Drive Events @driveevents247 Catch @AcademyVolume + special guests Tuesday night @ @Cherry_Colas presented by @driveevents247 & @torontomusicrev#indiemusic #Ontario
Matt Groopie @mattgroopie .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Wed. @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
Cherry Colas @Cherry_Colas .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Wed. @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
Drive Events @driveevents247 .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Wed. @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
Matt Groopie @mattgroopie .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Tonight @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
Cherry Colas @Cherry_Colas .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Tonight @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
Drive Events @driveevents247 .@SieraSlaveMusic @ArtandWoodhouse + Brennan Dylan of @MenWithoutArmys Tonight @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @driveevents247 @torontomusicrev
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev Thanks For an #amazing #CanadaDay #CandaDay2015 @thehipdotcom @MolsonCanAmp… #realcanadians
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev Thanks again For an #amazing #CanadaDay @thehipdotcom @MolsonCanAmp… … #realcanadians
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev GOGOL BLEW MY MIND LAST NIGHT!! @GogolBordello @MAMADIASPORA in #Toronto here is my review…
Matt Groopie @mattgroopie Win free tickets to see @GreenJelloTV THIS Wed. @ @Cherry_Colas c/o @torontomusicrev #CanadaDay #indiemusic #Toronto
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev Flogging Molly – Sound Academy – June 21, 2015… @floggingmolly
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev GOGOL BLEW MY MIND LAST NIGHT!! @GogolBordello at @soundacademy in #Toronto here is my review…
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers – NXNE Hub – June 19, 2015 #NXNE #NXNE2015…
Ben Caplan @bencaplanmusic Halifax, Nova Scotia Check out this review by @torontomusicrev from my show in Toronto on Friday. Great photos!…
Matt Groopie @mattgroopie .@TheCommonersTO @levistephens #TheCanadians + more THIS SATURDAY @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @torontomusicrev
Drive Events @driveevents247 .@TheCommonersTO @levistephens #TheCanadians + more THIS SATURDAY @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @torontomusicrev
Gena Meldazy @genameldazy @torontomusicrev @Cherry_Colas @JesseBenKline looks like a great show I will try to BE THERE!
Matt Groopie @mattgroopie Catch @TheCommonersTO @levistephens #TheCanadians + more TONIGHT @ @Cherry_Colas #Toronto c/o @torontomusicrev
TorontoMusicReviews @torontomusicrev Come on out #tonight .. and see @TheCommonersTO and @levistephens tonight at @Cherry_Colas #Toronto #music #reviews #party

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