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(563) 544-4325


1658 Sunrise Ct,
New Albin, IA 52160

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The Pet Stop, New Albin, IA. 67 likes | 1 was here. Meet Molly.

Molly is ready for the 4th of July! Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom!

Molly was getting a little long, time to get that hair under control!

Fritz getting spruced up, it’s going to be a good weekend!

Bear is ready to go home.

My little girl ‘Sage’, maybe should have had a before picture with this. She is a sweetie, so glad she came to visit me today.

What color bow for this sweetie???

I think someone is looking forward to a haircut.

Buddy just got his spring haircut. Could it be spring??? Well maybe not yet but no more shedding in his house

Beagle day today, they do hate to be away from their owners, it’s ok Bailey, mom is here just a quick picture and you can go home.

My little buddy Morgan is ready to go! See you next month Morgan.

Oh boy, you said mom is coming? Soon?”

Oh boy this weather is challenging!

I’m thinking Ziggy would rather leave than get dried. Cute, but I need to finish the job.

Happy New year everyone, I’m looking forward to serving you in 2015! Blessings

Do you know someone who would like a gift certificate from the Pet Stop? It’s a great place to get your hair done! Call Lisa and get one lined up for your favorite pet.

Christmas it’s coming and I’m ready!.

Also Known As

The Pet Shop, The Pet Stop

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