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(414) 476-7272


7520 W Greenfield Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53214

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Mon – Sun. 10:00 Am – 10:40 Pm

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Papa John’s Pizza, MILWAUKEE, WI. 76 likes | 1 talking about this | 326 were here. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s. – For Delivery or. .

Great service customer satisfaction guaranteed. Always delicious and hott!!!!

Pizza was good. Love all the toppings. Brownies i would make a trip for. Was overcharged but called in and it was fixed with a smile.
Papa johns. 3 likes | 4 were here. Restaurant/Cafe.

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I waited in line for like 20 mins, because just one register was open at like 6.30. Cmon, the other employee was too busy playin with his cell phone to help out. By the time i jumped in my truck and grabbed a slice, it was nearly cold!
Papa John’s on 76th & Greenfield use to have some good pizza up until a couple of months ago. We have been getting sick off their pizza’s lately. The most recent Time was 2 Days Ago when I ordered 2 Extra Large Pizzas from them. We only had a couple of pieces & got really sick off it again & started throwing up. We ended up throwing out the rest of the pizza. I usually call the store & complain about it but since it don’t do no good & we don’t get our money back, I did not call this Time. It seems like we are not the only ones who are having problems with that Location according to several other reviews about them on here. We won’t be ordering from Papa John’s again. I think that I will have to start ordering from Pizza Hut or Rocky Racoco’s from now on. Be careful what you guys order from Papa John’s.
No double toppings on some of their specials.
Very Very Delicious & Fresh!
Occasionally, a delivery will be a little late, but 99% of the time the pizza is here within 25 minutes, and it’s very fresh.
7520 West Greenfield Avenue West Allis, WI 53214.
(414) 476-7272

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- Pizza Restaurant,
- Pizzatakeaway

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Papa Johns Pizza Store # 2332, Papa John’s International Inc.

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