Mi Cocina


(608) 278-0585

(608) 238-7261


6230 University Ave,
Middleton, WI 53562

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Mon - Sat. 6:00 Am - 9:00 Pm
Sun. 8:00 Am - 2:00 Pm

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Laredo's - Mexican Restaurant
Given and charged for the wrong sized margs, the mistake was blamed on us and was quite difficult to deal with. Food: one plate was good and the other bland and looked reheated.
I'm not the biggest Mexican person, but this is a very nice restaurant with solid prices and decent food.
I don't know if it's the BEST Mexican food in town - Casa de Lara is up there, as well as Casa del Sol and La Hacienda - but it's definitely worth a look.
Chips and salsa are great, but I wasn't impressed with their nachos or taco salad.
Decor is functional and well themed, and the service is always quite nice. Great food, Good prices and friendly service. I go every time I am back in Madison. It is not good.
I was another awful experience. Our order was messed up no less than 5 times throughout the meal, and we were told just to enjoy it. We tried but we couldn't. We were told just to enjoy it. It was clearly made from a run of the mill store bought mix. After we waited and waited, our cheese dip appetizer had still not arrived.
After finishing the pitcher of Margarita, the waiter grabbed in and re-filled it despite us pretty much yelling no, we would not like anymore. Then our food finally arrived.
My friend's beef tip quesadila was made with bad ground beef. My enchiladas campeche was burned and awful. The adobo sauce and refried beans clearly came out of a can and were burned during the re-heat process.
The seafo(...)

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Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana Arroz a la cubana http://goo.gl/fb/9OA54E
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana View translation Arroz a la cubana: Una comida que se prepara internacionalmente: El Arroz a la cubana es una… http://goo.gl/fb/ifNSU8
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana View translation Nada mejor que un buen recuerdazo! http://www.micocinaperuana.com/2015/03/caldo-de-verduras.html#.VPztdjwKTdY.twitter…
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana View translation Caldo de verduras: El caldo para nuestros vegetales: El Caldo de Verduras es una comida… http://goo.gl/fb/eS1Pfx
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana Caldo de verduras http://goo.gl/fb/7aaltn
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana View translation Esta receta mundial también se hace en Perú. Pero con el ingrediente de siempre: ¡Amor! Chequealo ahora…http://www.micocinaperuana.com/2014/05/caldo-de-res.html#.VPRSD_2-bZ4.twitter…
Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana View translation En esta pagina podrán acceder al contacto de esta pagina y consecuentemente enviarnos sus… — Irvis Osbel Medina http://disq.us/8meau7
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Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana Humitas criollas http://goo.gl/fb/Nhtaq9
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Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana Arroz verde http://goo.gl/fb/nWaeuC
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Mi Cocina Peruana @micocinaperuana Sopa de sémola http://goo.gl/fb/qgefy1

Also Known As

Cocina Real

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