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Mitch Voorspoels @SkumbagKrepo Telekom managed to disable my internet instead of performing the scheduled upgrade to a better package.U N L U C K Y B O Y S
Tiny Mix Tapes @tinymixtapes ♫ Premiere: JasonC runs a “Faberge Tear” down his cheek in joy of the new Cuticle LP on Not Not Fun http://j.mp/1BUkAaw
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot View translation Abraham was from Utah
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot I think the cupcakes are causing the cancer.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Promise me youll have a cupcake today.
Chase Kamp @chasekamp Franzen = Dave GrohlSontag = Phil CollinsCarver = RingoEllis = Tommy LeePalahniuk = Travis BarkerRand = the clown from Slipknot
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot solitude with a lollipop
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot 2 girls 1cupcake is a place I drove by in Illinois. I dont actually know what the video is about though.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Been having deeper orgasms with @BreatheRight strips. Thanks.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Do ear candles work in other orifices? Asking for a friend.
FACT @FACTmag Cuticle announces new Not Not Fun LP Mind Holding Pattern, hear first single ‘Geometric Narrative’ http://www.factmag.com/2014/08/21/cuticle-announces-new-album-mind-holding-pattern-hear-first-single-geometric-narrative/…
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot View translation morgen nacht #berlin @Mindpirates_ev mit the North und Draveng!!! pic.twitter.com/qbnqlMunN0
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Ginseng in #Berlin @Mindpirates_ev http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?592899…
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot God talks to me too but I ignore it, like a normal person.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot The train is just making up stations tonight, I know were going to hell
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot I dont want freedom.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Every night they leave my body to replicate and find new hosts. Every morning I invite them back in.
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Are my thoughts my own or do I just tweet what the worms inside me want?
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Ive gotten parasites from my travels. How long have they been inside me?
L.U.C.A. reboot @LUCAreboot Blueberry lighterfluid
Niall Horan @NiallOfficial Final touches ……… https://instagram.com/p/5qhp5jsyMq/
Nick Pallauf @nickpallauf Drug of choice: your lips
Brandon Evans @bevansisme Brandon Evans retweeted Lisa Marie Dees
Brandon Evans @bevansisme Who would want me to post a random YouTube video of just me and my sister lip syncing and dancing crazy one week?
☁︎jc @jccaylen Not sayin I want kids aaaanytime soon but I cant wait to have a child. I wanna be the coolest dad out there .
☁︎jc @jccaylen Los Angeles, CA ☁︎jc retweeted diana | THANKYOUJC❤️
Brandon Evans @bevansisme Follow me on Instagram:http://INSTAGRAM.COM/BRANDONEVANSNew picture of my view right now. Replying to you guys. https://instagram.com/p/5qUR-Qs48d/
5 Seconds of Summer @5SOS Excited to be playing @Vevo #CertifiedLive next month in LA ! If you wanna find out how you can come along, enter at http://www.vevo.com/c/en/GB/certifiedlive…
Ashton Irwin @Ashton5SOS Sorry I havent tweeted!!! Ive been traveling through Canadas back yard!
Liam @Real_Liam_Payne Super sick nighties RnB sound @lauvsongs https://youtu.be/HNjX6o7t6NU cant wait to hear more
Dan Hill @DanRelates I swear if their wasnt drama in this world some of yall wouldnt know what to do with their life people thrive off it
L U C I N D A @Lucylu294 Please help support Kian And Jc Logo, add a #Twibbon now! http://twibbon.com/support/kian-and-jc-logo/twitter…
Kian & Jc @KianAndJc Big day for Kian today … Lots to do, so we will not be uploading today. But Monday we got a good one for ya. Luv yall
Kian & Jc @KianAndJc Add a little KnJ spice to ur icon & show support haha fuck yea ! http://twibbon.com/support/kian-and-jc-logo/twitter…
L U C I N D A @Lucylu294 Chicago, IL OHHH RIGHT,THERES A BARE ASS IN THE VIDEO @KianAndJc @KianLawley @jccaylen WHY DID HE DO THAT? Hahahaha pic.twitter.com/GmcoQGHv78
L U C I N D A @Lucylu294 Chicago, IL Theres something odd about this pic @KianLawley @jccaylen @KianAndJc pic.twitter.com/APQvYLYbPU
Dan Hill @DanRelates make yourself a priority once in a while its not selfish its necessary
☁︎jc @jccaylen Los Angeles, CA Ladies & Gents… I present to u, The KianAndJc Challenge http://youtu.be/KukwZ8_HXC0
Brandon Evans @bevansisme Hey cuties.
L U C I N D A @Lucylu294 Chicago, IL https://teespring.com/invites/vah8vk

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