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Madison, WI 53704

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Karben4 Brewing, Madison, WI. 23,646 likes | 1,269 talking about this | 8,060 were here. www.karben4.com

First run of IDIOT FARM! coming at you tomorrow!

Less than 48 hours until the IDIOT FARM 4-packs are released out of our taproom. We’re dunking one of the first 100 4-packs sold Friday with a golden ticket to the Great Taste of the Midwest (SM)!

Here is the lineup for our special releases at Great Taste of the Midwest (SM). Remember we’ll be in our own tent – 1985 Beer Arcade!!

IDIOT FARM Imperial India Pale Ale 4-Pack Release this Friday out of the K4 Taproom! Here is a sneak peak of the 4-packs. *Supplies are limited so come early. We open at 11am.

K4 will be closed today for our employee party. See you all next week!

Happy to make beer one must drink before they die. What’s on your list?

Tom hung the painting for Dragon Flute this morning. Pretty awesome huh?

Idiot Farm Release Party Today!! 11am-12am Every Idiot Farm purchase comes with a raffle ticket. You’ll be entered to win a free Idiot Farm 4-pack (which we’ll release out of the brewery one week from today). We’ll be giving away 5 4-packs and we’ll contact the winners by phone. Cheers!

More details on the 1985 Beer Arcade Tent–

We have our own tent this year for Great Taste of the Midwest (SM)!!! And it’s going to be awesome. Make sure to find us! Trixie’s Liquor Store Door County Brewing Co. Great Lakes Brewing Company. Sassy Cow Creamery One Barrel Brewing Company

Idiot Farm t shirts are in stock! We’re releasing this Imperial India Pale Ale out of the taproom tomorrow via draft. Next Friday for our pre Great Taste of the Midwest (SM) event we’ll be selling a limited amount of Idiot Farm 4-packs out of the taproom. More details to follow.

One more day to vote K4!! (best brewery, best beer)

Idiot Farm, coming back next Friday!!

K4 will be at Atwoodfest serving Block Party!

You can now order mash-fed beef and pork from Lonely Oak Farm and pick up at Karben4!

It’s a brewery not a restaurant. And the beer is fantastic!

Fantastic Beer. Just . Its a brewery thats what i come for. Go go for one and leave after three or four.

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ABOUT Karben4 is Madison’s newest brewery and was founded by Appleton, WI natives who have been graciously adopted by the Madison community. The brewmaster, Ryan Koga, was previously working as the. Karben4 is Madison’s newest brewery and was founded by Appleton, WI natives who have been graciously adopted by the Madison community. The brewmaster, Ryan Koga, was previously working as the head brewer at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company (YVBC) in Billings, MT. Ryan moved from Wisconsin to Montana to earn his Masters degree in athletic training and fell in love with beer while working on the bottling line at YVBC to pay the bills.
In short order, Ryan became a brewer, the head brewer, and before long was known for his seasonal beers and his bright cartoon personality. If Ryan were a lunch meat, he would be roast beef. The business-end of Karben4 is handled by lifelong friends Alex Evans and Zak Koga. The duo’s entrepreneurial history dates back to their senior year of high school where they were Co-Presidents of their entrepreneurship class.
Alex graduated from Marquette University before working at M&I Bank’s corporate headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, WI. After a few years of helping companies structure and obtain financing for their projects, Alex headed to UCLA to pursue a graduate degree in creative writing.
He and Zak stayed in close contact and a lot of their discussion centered around discerning business o(…)

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holly manthei
@ HollyManthei
Wisconsin, USA
The Madison beer scene is on point. @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/5nFp1iybMM/

Marnie Renteria
@ MarnieRenteria
Wisconsin, USA
Cheers to my #
fiancéoftheyear surprising me with hella #
dhdlove. @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/5gBysampBt/

Beer Barons MKE
@ BeerBaronsMKE
The fine gents at Karben4 Brewing here for a meet and greet and some great discussion. Thanks guys!!! http://fb.me/BpG7Feq3

Joanna Merrill
@ ketchupequinox
Wisconsin, USA
Night off Tokyo Sauna with @melissasbeck at karben4brewing @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/5a_GM6M4jb/

@ ThisIsMadisonHQ
Gentleman, tonight I am sipping on Block Party from @
Karben4 – http://thisismadison.com/block-party-from-karben4-brewing/… pic.twitter.com/KlXUpPj825

Trevor Wright
@ trevorawright
Wisconsin, USA
New Champagne Tortoise English-style beer karben4brewing. It is pure summer fun! @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/4cG1HBvvUd/

@ HearAlma
Wisconsin, USA View translation
@ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/4ABm6GOtgd/

jɘff nɘlson
@ thisisjnn
Wisconsin, USA
Lunch w/ my baby… Gonna fill a couple of growlers as well! @
karben4 (at @
Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/38yhNE9RHAp

Teri Barr
@ TeriBarrMedia
Wisconsin, USA
Music: @
MyTWheelHouse w/ @
Karben4 #
Brewing @
ComeBackInMadis for @
madbeerweek.. #
CincoDeMayo #
beer #
fun pic.twitter.com/5wKEUyIFWB

Paul Barth
@ paulmbarth
Wisconsin, USA
Solving all of the problems. (at @
Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/0kLxOKakSl6

Liz Jacoby
@ ljquack
Wisconsin, USA
Its a gorgeous day in Wisconsin, so its obviously brewery time! @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/1bpyRzuw9v/

Michael Brophy
@ Brophmeister
Wisconsin, USA
Love this label. Crazy sh*# goin on @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/0wYEmoppov/

Trevor Wright
@ trevorawright
Wisconsin, USA
fantasyfactory #
mimosa for brunch this morning karben4brewing. So delicious! @ Karben4 Brewing https://instagram.com/p/z-SNVLPvT5/

Trevor Wright
@ trevorawright
Wisconsin, USA
Stocking up on pork and beer (at @
Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/aJuXhLWEupu

Rachelle Rood
@ SheliRood
Wisconsin, USA
Having a Lady Luck… mmm good! (at @
Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/fnvqreNMLzB

@ hchojnacki
Wisconsin, USA
It begins! (at @
Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/h7WI3DmyMDF

Sean Gallagher
@ gallagherartist
Wisconsin, USA
Had a chance encounter last night at Karben4 Brewing with these gentlemen @
MadBeardUnion Great group! pic.twitter.com/dfJYL67ffN

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