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(920) 854-5455


10420 State Highway 42,
Sister Bay, WI 54234

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Stop in at Joe Jo’s for a walk in the gardens. It gives me great pleasure seeing people enjoying my yard.

The grand finally from fyr ball weekend. Great night for fireworks.

We are back after a great trip, hope you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas. Stop in a check ou the new look at Joe Jo’s. It’s not quite finished but it’s close. Hope to see you soon.

One of our beautiful sunflowers. This one has a darker center than all the rest. Blueberry cheesecake gelato in the case. Stop in and try some today.

One of the brightest rainbow I’ve seen in a long time, even a faint double. Just beautiful.

A new guest at our feeder.

Well, after a long winter the gelato case is full with 18 of your favorite favors and some get changed out daily. Stop in soon.

July 3rd, 177 pizzas, did you get yours?????

This Memorial day weekend, we give thanks and remember all who served and sacrificed for our country’s freedom. God Bless you all.

New for summer, strawberry lemonade, blood orange and pomegranate. Refreshing.

Dick and I are making gelato as I write this. Today’s favorites are salted carmel, chocolate truffle, bailey’s irish cream, amaretto, and back for summer, by popular demand, cotton candy. come and get yours soon. we made it for you!!!

Best pizza around! Always have to go here when I’m up this way!

This review is hidden. View reviewRecommended by their nephew (our friend ) to eat here while in Door County and so happy we did! Pizza is soooo yummy and the gelato.even better!! Thank you to Kathy and Dick, GREAT place!.

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The pizza dough is made from scratch ensuring a great crispy thin crust. At Joe Jo’s Pizza and Gelato each pizza is made to order the way You like it. Joe Jo’s Pizza and Gelato. Joe Jo’s has plenty of flavors of gelato and sorbetto. If you don’t have room for dessert, consider taking some gelato or sorbetto to go. Pizza of the Month: One of the most expensive pizza. The price tag on this one is straight ridiculous.
It is topped with bufala mozzarella, three types of caviar, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and it is lightly dusted with hand picked grains of pink Australian sea-salt from the Murray River.
That’s right, three Italian chefs will show up at your villa and make it for you in the comfort of your kitchen. Let’s just hope they aren’t staying for the entire 72-hour period because that would be a little weird.. At Joe Jo’s Pizza and Gelato each pizza is made to order the way You like it.
10420 N Water St Sister Bay, WI 54234.
(920) 854-5455

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