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2639 E Springs Dr,
Madison, WI 53704

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Mon – Thu. 11:00 Am – 12:00 Am
Fri – Sat. 11:00 Am – 1:00 Am
Sun. 11:00 Am – 11:00 Pm

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Hooters of Madison, WI, Madison, WI. 4,509 likes | 147 talking about this | 13,730 were here. The Official Hooters of Madison Facebook Page! Delightfully. .

Wings on Wednesday is the answer. We don’t care what the question is.

Thank you Tuesday! Thank you to the men and women in uniform.

Couldn’t make it to Vegas for the 2015 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant? You’re in luck! Come to Hooters on 8.6 and watch all the fun with your favorite Pageant contestants. A little preview.

Host your fantasy football with some 1st round talent. Reserve a table at football.hooters.com

It’s Monday and that means All You Can Eat Wings after 6pm.

Do Hooters Girls make your fantasy football draft better? YES they do! Book now at football.hooters.com

It takes tons of make-up, smiles and fun to prepare for Miss Hooters International Pageant. Check out the results on August 6 at 9pm est on Fox.

Only 6 more days until Miss Hooters International viewing parties take off at Hooters!

They can take punches, but can they handle our wing sauce? Rousey and Correia duke it out at ‪#‎UFC190‬ Tonight at @Hooters

Hooters Girls and pitchers of beer. That’s what we call a fantasy draft. Book your football draft at football.hooters.com

August 6 at 9pm est 100 breath taking Hooters Girls competing for the title of Miss Hooters International, where will you be watching?

Beat up a plate of wings like it stole your big shiny belt. Catch all the Octagon action of ‪#‎UFC190‬. ‪#‎HootersMakesYouHappy‬

WHAT!? You were not in Vegas, we know where you can see what you missed. ‪#‎HootersPageant‬

Thank You for a wonderful day Hooters Nation! ‪#‎NationalChickenWingDay‬

Nothing kicks like our World Famous Wings. Except maybe ‪#‎UFC190‬. Get ‘em both at @Hooters. ‪#‎HootersMakesYouHappy‬

We have 30 in one sitting! Can you top that? ‪#‎NationalChickenWingDay‬ ‪#‎HootersMakesYouHappy‬

How many wings can you put down in one sitting? Prove it on National Chicken Wing Day today!

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!!! How many can you eat??

Eat as many wings as you can. Post your number on here. Win at life. It’s All You Can Eat Wings today!

All You Can Eat Wings on National Chicken Wing Day at Hooters. Sounds like a dare to us!

I went there for the first time by myself and the food was amazing. Lauren was my server and she was awesome. The second. time was no different. Cassie was super cool and funny. I have absolutely zero complaints. I’ll keep going back.

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Thing is with hooters, and it seems corporate knows this because most of them are like this, the friendly girls are what makes the experience good.
The east side one is consistent in their hires, they always have girls there smart enough to know why guys (and girls!
) come in. They understand some guys just want a nice girl to talk to without taking the chance of walking into a bar full of dudes with some dude serving you a beer.
Not too many people go there for the food, that’s for sure, and you can get a cheaper beer at almost anywhere. If you find bad service at hooters, it’s probably because you’re a dick or you smell like one. I REALLY wish hooters would step up their food quality. But just stick with the large beers and friendly smiles and you can’t go wrong.
I have found the madisons east side one to be a real nice place to just go have a beer and say hi to whoever is working there. Great waitress Chloe, she got distracted by her friends friends at the end of the meal. Food was great, and the bill for a breastaraunt was less than I expected.
Got an apology and excellent service until the end on my current visit. Chloe even recognized me. The service is really bad they charged the wrong amount on our card and the manager just said oh well it happens she was very rude and acted as if I was out fault then they recharged the amount so the bill that was 18 became 50 and they did not care. The wings were un(…)

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@ ItsJuiceTime
RDTopp Hey those white,blonde chicks with hot hooters had rough rough lives growing up in the suburbs.

@ ZRich21
Hooters BWW is making logos for peoples fantasy leagues based on the league name. I have a draft party with u make a logo the dirty dozen

Paul Sikkema
@ toolboxhero
I added a video to a @
YouTube playlist http://youtu.be/T2BXcf3DcQc?a The Hooters – 500 Miles

Kaan Ercan
@ kaanercanfb
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Hooters in Madison, WI w/ @
coolbirmarti https://www.swarmapp.com/c/drsf9Bmjy1n

Jesse Gebhardt
@ jesse_gebhardt
Side story, two gay men got into the elevator in our building with Hooters to-go containers. Very confused.

@ _daddy_j
My uncles head is on a fuckin swivel in hooters

Zach Lambert
@ ZachLambertski
Zach Lambert retweeted Hooters

Jen Meyer
@ DreamCrusherJ
darrenrovell: New Hot Dog champ @
MattStonie just ate 241 @
hooters wings in 10 mins, beat Joey Chestnut by 41 wings. @

Dave Johnson
@ DJohnson_97
DanaWessel wings!…RT @
Hooters: 241 wings in 10 min! @
MattStonie just set a Hooters World Wing Eating record! pic.twitter.com/AFExZ3oLyX

Zachary Koziol
@ lZyphxRl
Happy birthday to me! Going to hooters tonight!

Sumaj Da Storyteller
@ JAMuary8th
Jackson, MS
Sumaj Da Storyteller retweeted judy.

Jordan Belfort
@ IBrandies

Mark Chandler Jr
@ Mark_Chandler52
Frank_Mirr78 we need to make a hooters run one of these days home boy

@ gemyuchan
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明日は最高の1日にしたいなとりあえず昨日が7月最高の1日やったけど超えることは間違いない ^_^CBGK→KWSK→CBGK→HOOTERS!最高かよ *(^o^)/*

Josh Gloe
@ JoshGloe
Topeka, KS
Might go to Hooters with my mom.

@ __Nayr
So did Quentin Miller date Courtney from Hooters on Peach Street?

Airam Castillo
@ marialuisaaa13
BWW over hooters any day!

Shavonne Munsch
@ ShavonneMunsch9
if Drake didnt write his own lyrics who hooked up with Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree???

Kiki Byrne
@ KikiB_93
Bloomington, MN
Im at Hooters in Minneapolis, MN https://www.swarmapp.com/c/9bN12SZTgIA

@ Hooters
Suffering from SCWD? Put an end to Severe Chicken Wing Deficiency by coming in on 7.29 for #

Meagan Pastorchik
@ MissHootersIntl
NationalChickenWingDay is tomorrow! How many wings can you take down?! pic.twitter.com/kiDhEQBjwJ

@ Hooters
How many wings can you put down in one sitting? Prove it tomorrow on #
NationalChickenWingDay! pic.twitter.com/rzBpUK1Thy

Matt Stonie
@ MattStonie
Solid coverage from @
Hooters of this weekends Chicken Wing Eaten Championship! 241 Wings, 10 minutes. Thats one… http://fb.me/7o1aR5r3v

@ Hooters
Hooters retweeted BroBible

@ Hooters
Want to win FREE WINGS FOR A YEAR?! Snap a pic at Hooters on #
NationalChickenWingDay to enter!http://NCWD.hooters.com/FWFY pic.twitter.com/20eCrcaq33

@ Hooters
Were just 2 days away from #
NationalChickenWingDay!! pic.twitter.com/zDKAsSWLPf

@ Hooters
Sunday – presented by your local Hooters Girls. pic.twitter.com/RkNBnhoVfZ

@ Hooters
Missed yesterdays action? Watch the 2015 Hooters World Wing Eating Championship here » https://youtu.be/mMy7wTGCnGQ pic.twitter.com/jzr9sUcs4g

@ Hooters
World Wing Eating Champ @
MattStonie ate 241 wings in 10 min. How many can you put down on #

@ Hooters
Only a few more weeks until Sunday morning has a whole new meaning. pic.twitter.com/LADFuTFG7N

Matt Stonie
@ MattStonie
Huge win today!!Won todays Hooters World Wing Eating Championship. 241 Wings in 10mins, that world record… http://fb.me/7luvdLSI6

Devin Torkelsen
@ devintorkelsen
I made sure my boss did not schedule me for Wednesday. Im dead serious I might go for lunch and dinner. @

@ Hooters
Hooters retweeted Meagan Pastorchik

Meagan Pastorchik
@ MissHootersIntl
Congrats on your @
Hooters World Wing Eating victory @
MattStonie!! pic.twitter.com/dSdLYBIGvN

Darren Rovell
@ darrenrovell
New Hot Dog champ @
MattStonie just ate 241 @
hooters wings in 10 mins, beat Joey Chestnut by 41 wings pic.twitter.com/uO0yQ7HaW3

Major League Eating
@ eatingcontest
Clearwater, FL
More @
Hooters!10 Juan 11811 Mr LeFevre 11612 Mr Hendry 11413 Erik The Red 106

@ Hooters
241 wings in 10 min! @
MattStonie just set a Hooters World Wing Eating record! pic.twitter.com/4fka64G6vN

Major League Eating
@ eatingcontest
Clearwater, FL
Your @
Hooters results!1 Matt 2412 Joey 2003 Adrian 1944 Yasir 1925 Gideon 1706 Ms Lesco 1587 Miki 1548 Ms Lee and Ms Thomas 126

@ Hooters
Hooters retweeted Major League Eating

@ Hooters
Winner Winner Chicken Wing Dinner! Your new Hooters World Wing Eating Champ, @
MattStonie! pic.twitter.com/MSFUVNnGQd

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